Online Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing Tactics

Where do you go to find the latest and greatest of what is happening around the world? The news moves slower than social media does, so that’s where we went to find the most recent issues and give you our take on them. With a panel of unique personalities, you will get a look into how the news and trends affect us here at Customer Magnetism.

This week, our panel consists of Jeremy, Irene, and Rio. Jeremy is the Overseer of the production kingdom of Customer Magnetism. Irene has an eye for all things design and works tirelessly to push the envelope of beautiful internet. And Rio is a Social media maven who posts tweets and snaps like none before her.

Trend 1

Google unveils Alphabet, it’s soon to be parent company overseeing all google properties. Why do you think Google made this move and why now?


Jeremy: I think the move makes sense when you look at what Google started out as and what they are now. So many of their business units are so far removed from their core search business, that having separate leadership, separate financials, etc. allows them to be more focused. Why now? I’m not one to speculate, but there’s lots of chatter about antitrust issues.

Irene: With Google being so big, it is evident that this was the next move. I think now that these companies will be operating on their own, they will be able to focus even more on their product and I can’t wait to see the creativity that’ll erupt from these Alphabet companies.

Rio: As with all things in the digi/tech world, evolution is inevitable and new doors of opportunity are constantly opening. Google has evolved into so many different properties with Google X, Google Fiber, and Nest that it only makes sense to become a conglomerate. That way, each property can be its own entity with more focused leadership and development.

Trend 2

Speaking of Alphabet, BMW owns and won’t sell, so Google bought instead. How do you feel about URL squatting and how would you change the practice, if at all?

ryan gosling oh no

Jeremy: Good for BMW. I don’t know the strategic reason behind them owning, but I wouldn’t call it URL squatting. I mean, they’ve owned the thing since 1995! In general, I don’t think I’d change the practice of domain squatting – can’t fault someone for having more foresight than you. PS. Alphabet ought to look into increasing its server bandwidth – site’s been down since the announcement – just a slight missed opportunity for BMW 😉

Irene: You snooze, you lose.

Rio: I think it depends on the intent of the company that is squatting. If their intent is to profit off of another brand’s need to own a domain that represents their trademark, then I think it is extremely unfair. On the flip side, I can see it being beneficial for brands that are trying to protect their trademarked terms. If I had the power to change the process, I would make it to where brands had a way to make a case for ownership of a URL, and if proven that ownership of the URL is vital to their business or protection of their branding, they would have the right to buy it from the owner for a low price.

Trend 3

Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study states that links are still one of the strongest factors for ranking well in the search results. How then can a small business compete online with an enterprise level business?

Jeremy: They can’t. No, seriously, it’s definitely a hell of a lot harder than it was a few years ago, but it’s possible. Those big businesses all started somewhere too. But I do believe you’ve got to have SOMETHING that levels you up 10x if you’re going to compete. Give Rand’s Whiteboard Friday on 10x content a view.

Irene: You can’t compare apples to oranges. But oranges, like apples, require the exact same care to help them grow and flourish.

So, I am a big believer that a small business can still have a great website with fresh content, and have an on-going strategic social presence, which will help that small business.

Rio: I believe the best way to obtain links is to first create content that is relevant to their existing and potential networks, and then dedicate the time and effort it takes to reach out to those networks whether that means hiring a PR firm, or taking steps internally (networking with influencers, reaching out to influencers via social media and e-mail, and etc.) to build relationships with those that would be willing to link to their content.


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We are firm believers in the saying “It is better to give then receive” (get it?). We’ve shared what we think about the trending online marketing tactics on social media, but we want to know what you think? Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.