Make your Website Stand Out Using Parallax with a Twist


Parallax design has been the trend that you’ve probably seen in a lot of websites. Like with any trend, things all start to look the same. But, parallax design with a twist is now what’s catching people’s attention. It is the latest web design craze that involves moving elements, that isn’t really animation but includes engaging scrolling action. It isn’t simply a moving background. We’ll  showcase some award-winning sites with parallax design with a twist and what makes them stand out from the rest.



Some parallax designs have gone too far with having too much movement that can make the user feel the effects of motion sickness, but this is a great example of having the right balance of movement and scroll action. As you land on their site, you surprisingly and pleasantly realize that the foreground image has water drop cut outs. As you scroll down, it reveals the hero image. Throughout this one page design, there are floating icons of lemon and water, which again isn’t too much movement.



Le Mugs is a stunning site that perfectly uses moving elements that is activated by a scroll. This is also a one-page design that doesn’t feel like it is a very long vertical site because although the content changes throughout the design, the story flows continuously.



The website of Anton & Irene is another great example of parallax design with a twist. Scroll down and they move apart from each other to make way for huge typography to appear between them and behind them, creating depth.



L’Amour Fou uses subtle movement in their design and appears as if elements are floating. You will notice that the intensity of your scroll effects the parallax effects.



Melanie F. designs shoes for kids, and her website reflects fun and elegance. The floating shapes, bold colors and typography all work well with the subtle parallax scroll. The kids’ shoes remain in the spotlight as you notice that the color background and the photo of the kids legs and shoes are effected at a different speed with the scroll.



Give your website some flair with parallax design that is more than just the typical moving background image. Give us a call if you’re ready for our Creative and Development team to implement this new craze to your website.