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( Please note: The below stats are current as of Tuesday April 30, 2013 )

What Are the Odds of You Being Here? Infographic
Published by • Designed by Sofya Yampolsky

“What are the odds that you exist, as you, today? Author Ali Binazir attempts to quantify the probability that you came about and exist as you today and reveals that the odds of you existing are almost zero. ”
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Should I Text Him Infographic
Published by • Designed by Becca Clason

“I got married in January 2011, but I've had my fair share of boy troubles and over analyzing. While I'm certainly no expert, I've learned a lot from my mistakes in love. Hopefully these tips will be helpful for others who are trying to navigate relationships. ”
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Everything that happens in one day on the Internet infographic
Published by • Designed by mbaonline

“Our daily life increasingly revolves around blog posts, emails, and status updates. The folks at mbaonline provide a snapshot of what happens in one day on the Internet. ”
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Awesome Workplaces Silicon Valley Infographic
Published by • Designed by ResumeBear

“The perks of working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and more ”
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How Google Works Infographic
Published by PPCblog • Designed by PPCblog

“Learn how Google works in gory detail.”
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If Social Media Were a High School Infographic
Published by

“From the jocks to the geeks to the band nerds, even the vast world of social media comes with its own stereotypes and teenage angst.”
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Late-Night Gadget Use Damages Your Sleep Cycle Infographic
Published by • Designed by

“. . . all that facetime with a phone, tablet, laptop or TV does more than distract — it can make it harder to go to sleep when you finally close your eyes. That can lead to sleep loss that affects your mental and physical well-being. ”
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We All Want to be Young Inforaphic
Published by • Designed by PontoEletronico

“They are on the top of the influence pyramid. Their new languages and behaviors are inspirational to people that are both younger and older than them. But the incredible power of today's youth is directly related to those who came before them. ”
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Gangnam Style! The Anatomy of a Viral Sensation
Published by • Designed by Neo Mammalian Studios

“"Gangnam Style" also has some deeper meaning that most stupified YouTube viewers are probably unaware of. The title refers to the affluent Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea, and is meant to poke fun at the area's outsized influence. ”
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Land & Sea: Top to Bottom Infographic

“Explore the Earth's surface, from its highest peaks to its mysterious depths.”
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...and a few more we just couldn't leave out:

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15. Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012 by
16. A Graphic Tribute To 'Game Of Thrones' by Nigel Evan Dennis
17. The Evolution of the Geek by Flowtown
18. Rise of Infographics: Marketing in the Social-Media Age by
19. Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan
20. The Trustworthiness of Beards by Matt McInerney
21. Hipster Weddings by Refinery29
22. For Brand Engagement, Visuals Rule by MBooth
23. Kobe Bryant 30,000 Points Infographic by J Alexander Diaz
24. Why Social Media Is the Front Line of Disaster Response by USF's Online MPA
25. Facebook Ads: Do they even work? by
26. How Hackers Stole $45 Million in Two Days by 41st parameter
27. How the World Consumes Social Media by Social Jumpstart
28. Google's Collateral Damage by
29. Futuristic GIF Infographic Shows the Perfect Golf Swing by Lumen Interactive
30. If Facebook Made a Real Facebook Home by
31. Why Cats Are Better Than Men by
32. Coca-Cola and the Movies by anyclip
33. About 41% of Kickstarter Projects Fail by
34. Infographics, Explained by LEGOs by Hot Butter Studio
35. Why Content for SEO? by Brafton
36. The Mobile World In 60 Seconds by mobclix
37. The Movember Mustache Manifesto by Neo Mammalian Studios
38. Advertising vs Reality by Unknown
39. How Much Is the Internet's Electric Bill? by
40. How Instagram is Winning Gold at the 2012 Olympics by venueseen
41. Is SEO Dead? by SEObook
42. A Look at Google's 200 Search Ranking Factors by Single Grain
43. How to Focus by ColumnFive
44. How 1.8 Million Online Activists Helped End the Boy Scouts' Gay Youth Ban by
45. Serif vs. Sans: the final battle by
46. How to Spot an Instagram Junkie by Flowtown
47. Comprehensive 'Doctor Who' Fashion Guide: 1963 - 2013 by Jones Bootmaker
48. How to Get More Likes on Facebook by KISSMetrics
49. How To Rank For Your Name In Google by Elkano Data
50. Visualizing Facebook’s Media Storage: How Big Is 100 Petabytes? by Unknown