The Science of Analytics & Reporting

We put the science back in your marketing!Effective online marketing should always be trackable, measurable, and verifiable. While most companies know the importance of having a service like Google Analytics installed on their website, the problem remains that not many CEOs and marketing managers have the time to really dig in and turn that data into valuable insight.

Now with 88% of consumers beginning their research online when looking for a product or service, it’s more important than ever to be able to analyze your visitor data and understand how it can be used to make informed decisions that can translate into higher profits.

At Customer Magnetism, we know that smart business decisions can’t be made on experience alone, which is why we spend a majority of our time analyzing client data and extracting meaningful information. Data alone is useless, but with the right insight, your digital marketing campaigns can really flourish. Your dedicated project manager will work closely with you to examine your analytics data and offer suggestions as well as identify opportunities.

Here are just a few of the things we track for you:


While tracking rankings is only a tiny piece of the picture, it helps to know where you stand in the search engines for search terms related to your business. From your initial campaign launch, we’ll be continuously tracking your rankings as a means to monitor overall site health and identify optimization and content opportunities.


  • Visits
    We’ll tell you the number of times users come to your site and also segment them according to where they came from, like Google, Facebook, a partner site, or even if they followed a bookmark or typed the URL themselves.
  • Pages Per Visit
    We’ll tell you the average number of pages a user views.
  • Time On Site
    We’ll tell you the average time users stay on your site, and identify lower performing pages.
  • Bounce Rate
    We’ll tell you the percentage of people who are leaving your website without interacting with your web pages (like going to other pages) and completing actions or goals.
  • Referring search terms
    Do you want to know exactly what users are searching for when they find your website in search engines? We’ll tell you that, too.

Performance Management & Tracking

  • Conversion Tracking
    By tracking conversions on your site, we’ll be able to provide you with information about what happens after a customer clicks on your ads, and which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring you the most qualified business. We can track leads, sales, signups and more.
  • Ecommerce Tracking
    See where sales come from, identify prime sales periods, and determine best sellers, cross-selling potential and optimal page layout.
  • Event Tracking
    See when users are interacting with your content, from playing a video to clicking on an ad, and everything in between.
  • Goal Tracking
    Setting up and monitoring goals is an effective way to measure how well your website performs when it comes to tasks that are critical to your business, such as leads, signups, downloads, account creations, and more.
  • Funnel Analysis
    We’ll analyze your customer’s navigation paths through your website on their way to complete a goal, whether it’s registering for your website or preparing to make a purchase. This valuable information can help us identify potential issues that may be preventing visitors from converting into customers. We can also use multi-channel funnels to better understand how your various marketing channels may have contributed to bringing in qualified visitors.
  • A/B Testing/Experiments
    With various landing pages, colors, ad text, and more, we can expose your audience to different web pages to determine the version that performs the best.

Leave the Science to Us

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