Reputation is Everything – Monitor Your Brand Online

Research is critical to the online buying process. Buyers have such rich resources available to them now that they hardly ever make a purchase without shopping around, comparing prices, and checking out reviews—sometimes even while they’re out shopping in real life.

We all know not everything on the Internet is true, but when it comes to unfavorable reviews, articles, blog posts, or event blatant smear campaigns, potential clients will often run the other direction instead of taking a chance.  And like it or not, anyone can tarnish your reputation. Imagine losing just 5% of your potential business because of negative sentiment  . . . what would that equal in lost revenue?

To Protect and Defend

Most of us have heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and it definitely rings true for the reputation of your business. Monitoring, protecting, and defending your reputation online is a necessary part of any well-rounded marketing campaign. That’s why it’s key to know what’s being said about your business, whether that sentiment is positive or negative.

Customer Magnetism will monitor the Web for mentions of your company on a continual basis, identifying where replies are in order, as well as opportunities to collect feedback and provide mediation. This form of prevention can make a world of difference, both to your business and to the people talking about it. It will also help us to pinpoint the ideal time to ask for reviews from customers speaking highly of your business.

The Internet Never Forgets

However effective, we realize that sometimes prevention isn’t all it takes. For extreme cases, we can design a more aggressive, long-term reputation management strategy. Depending on your exact needs, we’ll form a plan to combat negative sentiment in the search engines by pushing down undesirable results, and revealing more favorable content like positive reviews, creative content, press releases,  social media accounts, and other online properties.

With a well-formulated strategy, we can dramatically suppress the negative results plaguing your company. Our reputation management team will also work to ensure that future efforts to sabotage your business are blocked before they can gain momentum.