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Pay Per Click Management Services

Let’s face it — every page you look at, whether it’s a search page or a social media site, features a lot of paid ads. Using our website marketing company, we make sure your ad stands out at the right place at the right time. We’re also really good at getting you more traffic with a lower CPC and improved conversions.

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Strategic Process

Since we’ve been doing this for so long, our paid media specialists team has developed a process that we fine-tune as the industry constantly changes. Here’s a look at the overall process we follow:

  • Keyword Research
  • Account Set Up
  • Ad Design
  • Bid Management
  • Targeting

When you partner with CM, your experienced account manager will work with you to determine the best strategy to connect with your audience. From analyzing your audience to choosing the right keywords to focus on, our efforts are completely intentional. We ensure that your messaging is reaching your audience.


Creative Process

Strategy doesn’t mean much without creativity. Luckily, we have that covered at CM. And we’re well aware that we only have a few seconds to catch your audience. That means what your ad says and how it looks is crucial. Here’s how we tackle this challenge:

Our team of copywriters and project managers craft compelling,  precise copy to drive conversions.

Our designers showcase your brand by creating eye-catching banner ads.

Since we’re paying to play, we make every cent count to drive up your conversions, and drive down your cost per click. Here are a few other ways we can spice up your AdWords life.

contextual ADS

These are the sponsored text ads you see at the very top of the search engine results, as well as down the right hand side. Google looks at more than just who is willing to pay the most per click. They look at which ads are receiving the most attention. That is why a lower bid with a strategically written ad can outrank a higher bid, poorly written ad. While increasing your leads and lowering your costs is important, we also focus on making sure these leads are as qualified as possible.

DISPLAY ADS: saying a lot with a little.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So in a world where we only have seconds to grab your customer’s attention, you can see why we love display ads. Using eye catching, interesting images, and even audio or video, is a great way to stand out and to communicate information about your brand and product in a snap. Our skilled team of designers can create static, rich media HTML5 and Flash display ads that will capture customers at the top of the funnel.


In our experience, we’ve had immense success with shopping ads, where our clients have grown their business over 500% using PPC campaigns centered on shopping ad campaigns. This strategy works extremely well for e-commerce sites because it lists out your product photos, descriptions, and prices as compared to your competitors. Prior to the customer clicking the ad, it is clear what your product is and what the price is relative to other similar products. Ultimately, this will save you on price-comparison clicks of typical text or banner ads.




This has probably happened to you. You were browsing shoes on a site, and then you popped onto Facebook to see what your friends were doing. And lo and behold, there is an image of the shoe you were looking at on the side of the page.

It’s following you. Calling you. Reminding you to go back and purchase it. Maybe it wasn’t a shoe, but a kayak, or a book. Whatever you were shopping for, these little reminders are called re-targeting in our world. And it works. A re-targeting campaign consistently connects your customer to items they didn’t buy and drops them right back into your sales funnel.



No matter what elements your online marketing campaign consists of, we will test how it’s performing. We A/B test the copy, the creative, the CTA, the landing pages and more. And then refine our process and your ads to ensure we are getting qualified clicks and conversions. Then we test it again. And refine again. That’s why CM has a proven track record of PPC and Display success.

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