Facebook Ad Manager

So far in 2013, 52% of all ad managers have generated a lead from Facebook.

Whether those leads were generated through posts or photos promoted on the Timeline, custom apps, or landing tabs, one thing is definitely clear: Facebook is now unarguably a legitimate form of lead generation. And the more visibility your page can get, the better chance you’ll see those visitors come in and convert to leads.

Facebook Ad ManagerAre your customers mainly iOS users? Are they small business owners? Are they dog people?

The amazing thing about social media advertising (specifically, Facebook ads) is that you can target those exact people. You can target college grads, couples who recently got engaged, or people who have moved away from home. If your potential customers are like the majority of Facebook users, Facebook knows a pretty good deal about them. And while that makes some people uncomfortable about privacy concerns, it makes for one heck of a tailored experience.

Facebook ads used to only run in the sidebar, but once Facebook became public, they had to come up with more creative ways to allow for advertising. Now, with Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories you can promote something to show directly in Facebook users’ News Feeds along with all their friends posts. Because the sheer amount of posts in News Feeds now, this even helps your own fans see a post they might have missed without having to scroll for miles.