Considering More Social Media?

CM-Considering_More_Social_Media-900x450Should you stay up-to-date with the newest social platforms or stay true to what you know?

With so many social channels keeping you busy already, how do you decide which new social channel to dive into? Before deciding on your next social endeavor, take a minute and ask yourself these 4 main questions.

Can you handle a new social outlet?

To make the most of using a social channel, you need to have the time to dedicate to it. Each channel has their benefits and challenges.

  • Do you have the time to understand and really dedicate to learning the new channel?
  • Can you talk to your audience or connect with a new audience on this channel?
  • If your audience is on this channel, at what time should you post to connect with this audience?

Your social team may be stretched thin as it is. Don’t try to add to the workload just for the sake of “keeping up”. If you feel like there is a real opportunity there, evaluate the platform(s) you are currently using and see if there may be room for growth.

Do you have the right content?

A wave of image-centric social platforms has taken the forefront of social media. More brands now are clawing their way into these arenas whether they belong there or not.

  • Does the content you produce fit with an image/video social platform?
  • Can you get your message across with a simple image or short video?
  • Can you be engaging or helpful with image and video?

Be sure you can answer all of these with a resounding yes.

Is your audience adopting this new channel?

When this new platform is introduced, more than likely, a certain demographic of users will find themselves fully engaged on it.. Digital “ninjas” and today’s youth make up a majority of the early adopter category. Be sure you do the research to know who is using this new platform and why.

  • Are the people you wish to engage with using this new media?
  • Is there an opportunity to connect with a new audience who will be open to your product or service?
  • Will engaging with this demographic potentially help or hurt your brand?

If you are not sure, have an intern or you, yourself make an account and explore the landscape. See if there is an area that would benefit from your content naturally.

Will you be able to participate?

Will anyone care that you are a part of this new platform or are you just trying to find a new way to sell your product or service. Today’s users are very keen and can see right through a pitch, even when cleverly disguised. For example, Reddit takes it very seriously. So ask yourself –

  • Will you be adding to the community?
  • Will you be able to communicate without pitching your product?
  • Will users find your content disruptive to their experience on the site?

Try not to interrupt the overall experience when on a social platform. Be involved with discussions and contribute to them without making it about the bottom line; you will see a surprising return for your time.

Are you an ink cartridge manufacturer and you hear about the newest social site everyone is talking about? Well don’t be too quick to get involved before learning that it is a social platform for fitness enthusiasts. Do your research and make sure you will be part of the community and not just a talking head that is selling at the users. Speak with them. Get involved and grow the community with your helpful content and remarkable information. If you cannot do that in a new media outlet then stick to the ones that you can. Give us a call and we can help you figure out which social communities you should be actively participating in and which you could do without.

Happy Marketing.