Snapchat’s New Update Lets Users Pay For Replays


In their newest update Snapchat reveals that a “Replay is like a compliment! So why stop at one?” That is right; you will now be able to have as many replays as you want. But everything comes with a price. If you are a US Snapchat user you can purchase 3 replays for $0.99. With this update also comes “lenses” that you will be able to use to transform your photos with. For instance, want to see your friend’s face looking real old with the new add-ons? Want to see it 3 more times? That second option will cost you a dollar.


Two styles of Lenses available with the update

It seems that Snapchat has found a better way to up the revenue stream since Beach towels and Plush Pillows are not filling their bank account. Both of those items are still currently available at their Amazon store. Moderately priced, I might add.

So Snap-on my fellow selfie obsessed socialites. Just remember, if your friends are willing to pay the price, your snap can be seen over and over again.