Smile and Say Comic Sans


There’s a new serif in town! You know what I’m talking about. FONTS. Lots of fonts! There are so many good ones to choose from today. (There are also a ton of horrible ones.) You may have a way with words, but if you have a poor sense of design you can actually turn people off from what you have to say.

Fonts are a very important component of your writing pieces; whether it is a website, ad, whitepaper, or a book. This applies both online or offline. The proper font can really impact and transform your words. Crappy font has quite the opposite effect; it can completely deter your audience.

I’ve been feeling rather poetic lately! To truly drive this point home, I present to you a simple poem.

Font Is a Four-Letter Word

You chose bad fonts, oh how it haunts your thoughts deep in the night.
Your hands are red with Comic Sans and now your heart’s contrite.

Comic Sans


That Brush Script is horrific, no it doesn’t look artistic.
If I were you I’d get checked out, you’re borderline sadistic.

brush script


When in doubt it’s always safe to stick with something classic.
Instead you picked Papyrus and your work looks quite Jurassic.



Why did you think that Jokerman was good to use at all?
You’re either blind or lost your mind, it’s a really hard call.



You wanted cute and frilly, so you went with Curlz MT?
For Pete’s sake, stop this nonsense or you’ll cause a killing spree!



Lobster used to be real cool, but now it’s overused.
Even fonts that start out nice are easily abused.



Just leave it to designers when it comes to choosing type.
Unless they’re poor at what they do, you’ll have no room to gripe.


Designers: teach your clients; don’t just give them what they want.
It all looks so much better when you’ve used the perfect font.