The Google AdWords Editor


Managing an AdWords campaign or multiple campaigns can be overwhelming and feel like you’re on the floor of the stock exchange. From monitoring ads, adjusting budgets, updating content, and keeping up with keyword trends, your day can be packed with AdWords and only AdWords. That’s where the Google AdWords Editor can come into play, it allows you to manage multiple accounts with speed and ease.

In this whitepaper, we discuss:

  • How to save time with the AdWords Editor
  • Why it’s better for multi-tasking
  • How the AdWord Editor revamped Ad Extensions
  • The importance of being mobile-responsive
  • and more…

The AdWords Editor is simply a better way to manage your PPC and search marketing efforts. Your audience is out there, you just have to find them. Fill out the form to download “The Google AdWords Editor: Simplifying Your Online Advertising” to learn more about how to streamline your paid search efforts.


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