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Got Twitter Wit? Click through our interactive quiz where we’ll test your brand knowledge on Twitter.  How well do you know your favorite brands? How do you think they would respond to the original tweets? There is only one correct tweet, so think long and hard about how they would respond and see just how brand savvy you are.

Twitter is a great platform for brands to interact with not only their customers but with other brands as well. Here are a few of our favorite brand-to-brand interactions on Twitter, just with a twist!  Check out Taco Bell, Old Spice, Oreo, KFC, and Kit-Kat clever twitter exchanges and see if you know your favorite brands as well as you thought you did. We got creative, so see if you can spot the brand’s actual response versus the fake. Can you find it? Test your brand engagement knowledge with this awesomely fun quiz and share the results with your friends!

Find out whether you’re a brand: Genius, Chief, Ambassador, Officer, Advocate, or Noob. Don’t worry, none of them are really that bad. Maybe a noob, yeah a noob.That means you got them all wrong – take the quiz again to see if you can do better, we think you can!