Case Study:
Edwards Ham of Virginia

All Good Pig Seasonal Recipes

Services Provided: All Good Pig Seasonal Recipes
Scope: Interactive, design, content marketing & influencer outreach

Edwards of Surry, Virginia is a provider of authentic southern smoked meats and specialty foods. Since their beginnings in 1926, Edwards has been preparing hams and other fine meats in the true Virginia tradition.

Client's Objective

To help Edwards grow awareness and increase reach for other “pig products,” CM conceived an evergreen content series – All Good Pig Seasonal Recipes – featuring curated recipes from food industry influencers. The recipes are updated each season to keep content fresh and users engaged.

Our Strategy

CM designed and developed an interactive pig which highlights all parts of the pig, including the lesser-known, but equally delicious parts. Through targeted outreach, we then sourced unique seasonal recipes from influential food bloggers and downhome family cooks. The interactive content piece launched with 11 initial seasonal recipes and CM worked with each recipe provider to gain additional exposure for Edwards by encouraging them to share their featured recipe with their audience. And by incorporating seasonal updates, we ensure that users continue to visit while reaching new audiences with each featured recipe.


Since launching in December 2014, we’ve curated 20 unique recipes; All Good Pig has been shared socially thousands of times and has generated thousands of social, referral and organic visits. By strategically timing our content launch to coincide with Edward’s busy holiday season, we were also able to help contribute to a 12% lift in Average Order Value and 10% lift in year over year revenue. It’s all good, indeed.

  • 12%
    in average order value
  • 10%
    in year over year revenue
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