Part III: Promote Mobile App Downloads on Twitter


It has been quite the journey! We’ve discussed everything from how to prepare for your first Twitter ads campaign to tracking conversions and leads from tweets.The last step on the path to Twitter ads enlightenment is app install campaigns.

The mobile app market is a fiercely competitive place. With over 1.4 million apps fighting for the chance to be downloaded, a mobile marketer has to find innovative ways to get the word out, and Twitter may be the key. Here’s why:

1. 80% of Twitter users access the platform from a mobile device. It only makes sense to advertise a mobile app on the platform that is already dominated by mobile users.

2. You can link to your app directly in the Twitter ad so users can download easily.

3. Twitter makes it easy to create the ad by pulling the app’s icon and description from the app store.

4. Twitter’s targeting options will allow you to narrow down your targeting to reach the exact audience that would be most likely to download your app. To ensure that your ads are being delivered to only Twitter mobile users, you can also target by device. The targeting options are endless, and you can learn more about the plethora of options in section 4 of Part I.

5. Twitter has partnered with the leading companies in mobile measurement* to help ads users track app installs, user sign-ups, and other app event conversions all within the Twitter Ads dashboard.

*There are 8 mobile measurement partners to choose from, but “Answers powered by Fabric” is the free option.

Let’s Get Started

  • Go to your Twitter ads dashboard
  • Choose Creatives and select cards from the drop down menu.
  • You should now see the screen below.
  • Select Create Basic App Card to begin designing your ad

Required Information

The app card builder will then prompt you to fill out the information required to create your card including:

  • the app store’s territory
  • the call-to-action (Open, Buy Now)
  • Mobile app ids (which can be found in your app store URL.)
  • Mobile app deep links (deep links will help Twitter direct the person interacting with your ad to the right place within your app).


We recommend customizing your image and app description. To do so, select Advanced Settings and add a custom icon and a custom description for your app (limit 100 characters)

Your mobile app Twitter card is complete, now it’s time to set your campaign, budget and launch the ad.

Launching Your Campaign

Go back to the Campaigns section of your Twitter Ads dashboard:

  • select Create New Campaign
  • choose app installs or engagements from the drop down menu.

Once your conversion tracking account is set up, click “add a new app,” then it’s just like setting up a regular ad in Twitter that we described in Part I, including:

  • Selecting a campaign name
  • Choosing your pre-designed App Twitter Card
  • Define your target audience
  • Set a budget
  • Save, review & launch

You’re on your way to app download success. Any questions? Contact the Customer Magnetism team, and our social media team can help you launch your first app installs campaign.