Part II: Generate Website Clicks, Conversions, and Leads on Twitter

CM-Twitter-ads-intro-part-2In our last Twitter Ads post, Twitter Ads Intro Part I, we outlined Follower and Tweet Engagement campaigns to help you grow your Twitter following and generate more engagement with your tweets. This week, we’re taking things a step further and showing you how to drive website clicks, conversions, and leads with Twitter Ads.

Sure, promoting your tweets and gaining new Twitter followers is a plus, but the most enticing type of conversion involves taking your [new] Twitter audience outside of their social media comfort zone and fully immerse them in your brand. This is where a Website Clicks/Conversions campaign comes in handy.

Getting Started

Head to Twitter and choose ‘Website Clicks or Conversions” from the “Create New Campaign” menu.


Give your campaign a name and set-up all your standard targeting information as explained in Part I. Once you reach the creative section, you will have the option to create two powerful elements of your website clicks campaign: the website card and the website tag (tracking URL).

Website Card Creation

The website card is the key creative element of a Twitter ad. If the goal of your campaign is to drive traffic to your website, you will want the card to be enticing enough to not only capture the users attention in a crowded Twitter feed, but to also make want to click through to your website (whatever content you want them to find). As with every Twitter Ad, be sure to invest the majority of your campaign creation time into tweaking copy and imagery to encourage the action you wish your user to take. For example, Customer Magnetism created a series of micro-content pieces that promoted digital marketing best practices with a vintage twist. We set-up the website card below to encourage our Twitter target demographic to click to visit the CM Blog to read more in our latest blog post about lead generation.


Before you create your website card, have your website URL ready and an image for the card that is 800 pixels wide by 320 pixels high. Once your image and URL are ready to go, simply compose your copy in the “Write Your Tweet Here” section, add your URL, and your image, craft a headline that packs a punch, and set your call to action. You can also reuse a website card you’ve previously used by clicking “select card” to choose a card from your “creatives” library.



Track Website Conversions With Twitter Website Tags

What’s an effective website clicks campaign without the ability to track what happens when your users leave Twitter to engage with your website content? A website tag will enable you to track what actions take place once the user has clicked on your Website Card. For example, if you want to track site visits, e-commerce purchases, downloads, sign-ups, and etc. you can place a snippet of code provided by Twitter Ads. The code snippet should be pasted just before the closing HTML </body> tag of your web page, or inside a container tag or tag management system. Be sure to check to make sure your code is activated a few hours after your initial set-up. If your code is working properly, the status of the website tag will change from “unverified” to “tracking.”

Take your tracking to the next level with this Twitter #protip:

“Create website tags for different parts of your conversion funnel. For example, create a Site Visit website tag to place on your product landing page, and a separate Purchases website tag on your checkout confirmation page. This gives you insight into how well traffic from Twitter is converting once they get to your site.”

Generate Leads On Twitter

More often than not, our clients are searching for ways to generate leads. A Twitter lead campaign can help you collect more information about the users who engage with your tweets without leading your potential customer away from Twitter. With a simple click, the lead generation card can capture the name, e-mail and Twitter handle of the user engaging with your tweet. Lead_Gen_Card

Set-up a lead generation card just like you would create a website card as outlined above. The major difference between the set-up of the two types of cards is the card’s image size. Lead generation card images should be 800 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Once you’ve set-up your lead generation card, build your campaign out and start watching the leads roll in.

Website clicks/conversion and lead generation campaigns open the door for Twitter users to move deeper into the conversion funnel. If you’re ready to transition your Twitter followers to customers, it might be time to launch your first website click and lead generation campaigns. If it seems like a bit much, don’t you worry – we are always here to help. Just ask us below in the comments or send us a quick request, our team of Social Media Mavens can help you in flash!