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Business owners have shuddered at the very mention of Google's Panda update for years, and for good reason. Back in 2011, a lot of sites were hit hard enough by the algorithm update to devastate their businesses. This time around, though, as Panda 4.0 rolled out, we knew we (and all our clients) could rest easy.

But for a lot of companies out there, their web site isn't the be-all, end-all and we're fine admitting it! Print isn't dead, of course, so if you want to be able to tie your offline media to online attribution, we've got some advice that will help you glean insight into how your offline and online ads can work together. Speaking of insights, Facebook rolled out a new tool this month for advertisers called Audience Insights.

Oh, and Google Glass still exists, JSYK.

  Did you know?

This week, Google changed their logo by just a few pixels, moving the "g" to the left a couple pixels and the "l" up a few pixels.

Why, you ask? Because it was off, of course. And now it looks brilliant. Or does it? Compare for yourself here.

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