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Better Working Relationships: Proactive > Reactive

Customer Magnetism One of Virginia's Best Places to Work

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Hello there!

February was a big month for us here at Customer Magnetism. We were featured in Virginia Business' 2014 Best Places to Work issue, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We also wrapped up our Better Working Relationship series with a piece about tackling proactivity. Speaking of proactive—if you're publishing anything on the Internet these days, you should have Google Plus Authorship in place! Not sure how? Just follow our simple downloadable guide linked below!

As always, thanks for reading . . . and enjoy!

Better Working Relationships: Proactive > Reactive

In the third, and final, post in this series on working relationships, let's look at something everyone knows in theory, but few are able to master in application.

Being proactive is greater than being reactive.

I know. It's painfully cliché. PAINFULLY. CLICHÉ.

But, as much as it is cliché, it's also . . .

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Better Working Relationships: Proactive > Reactive

Customer Magnetism One of Virginia's Best Places to Work

Here at Customer Magnetism, we're so excited to be included in Virginia Business' February 2014 Best Places to Work issue!

Not only are we a featured company in the issue, but do you see that man in the sombrero on the cover with the devilish smile? That's our very own Todd Morton, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant turned cover model.

When Virginia Business found out about how we celebrate unbirthdays every so often by going out . . .

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Customer Magnetism One of Virginia's Best Places to Work

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