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Finally: Facebook Image Comments

Vine vs Instagram Just a Battle in a Larger War

FREE RESOURCE: Google Plus Authorship: The Guide

Google Says: Bad Mobile Redirects Could Cost You Your Rankings

Facebook Gets Verified Users

Apple Brings Out the iOS 7

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Hello there, SEO fans!

There is no summer break on the Internet. In fact, Facebook has been exceptionally busy this month trying to outdo the other major social networks with the addition of Facebook image comments, verified users, and Instagram video. We've also got news on mobile redirects that could be costing you rankings, Apple's iOS7, and a resource on Google Authorship!

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy!

Finally: Facebook Image Comments

boromir memeIt’s finally here: the ability to use photos in comments on Facebook!

That might not sound like a big deal, but with so many image memes, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words on the Internet.

With the recent update, if you want to respond to someone’s status or post, but somehow words just aren’t going to cut it, there’s a camera button located in the bottom right of your comment bar where you can upload an image …

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Vine vs Instagram Just a Battle in a Larger War

Vine vs Instagram Just a Battle in a Larger WarA year after Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars, Facebook has revealed a video feature for Instagram in the last week: Instagram video! The war between Facebook and Twitter rages on, and after Twitter recently launched their Vine app, it looks like Facebook had to do something quick to keep Instagram competitive.So what is the natural response? Instagram video. Imitation is the best form of flattery right?

Vine has grown rapidly with it’s six-second snippets of instant video viewing and Twitter has acknowledged 13 million user following since it’s …

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Google Plus Authorship: The Guide

Google Authorship GuideIf you're a content creator, Google Plus Authorship is an absolute must!

With the wide world of the Internet expanding slowly every day (much like our actual universe), it can be hard to make a name for yourself. With Google Plus Authorship, you can tie the content you wrote to your name, not just the site it was published on.

Our guide will take you step by step through the process of setting up Authorship. Download the guide and follow just six easy steps to start achieving better recognition online!


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Google Says:
Bad Mobile Redirects Could Cost You Your Rankings

Google Says: Bad Mobile Redirects Could Cost You Your RankingsMost of us have been there—browsing the Web on the ol' smartphone, totally keyed up to read an article sent along with rave reviews.

“LOLZZZZ, this is a MUST READ! If you read anything in your life, MAKE IT THIS!”

As you fumble over your own fingers to find out what all the commotion is about, impatient for your next LOL, there it is: the sad, the uneventful, the dreaded . . . THE HOME PAGE. This isn’t what you wanted—this is not the article you were looking for! Your initial shock quickly turns to fury, and that fury compels you to swear off the existence of the one and only article you were meant to read in your life …

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Facebook Gets Verified Users

Facebook Gets Verified Users At long last, Facebook has decided to get on the verified bandwagon and start handing out the precious blue check marks to celebrity and high-profile business pages.

Facebook decided to take the leap and start verifying pages so that they could be sure the pages are who they say they are. The new blue checkmark will appear in search results as well as next to the name of the verified persons on the page.

Facebook hasn’t really given any information on how they’re going about verifying the users, but hopefully that will be revealed as the new system is . . .

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Apple Brings Out the iOS 7

Apple Brings Out the iOS 7In typical Apple fashion, there was a big to-do at the WWDC conference yesterday June 10, about the new software coming to Apple's products.

One of the biggest reveals was the release of the new operating system for its iPhones, iPads, and iPods- the iOS 7.

Initial impressions include the fact that Apple is trying to match current mobile design trends by creating a flat aesthetic, discarding the drop shadows and gloss that the traditional Apple icons …

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