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Bringing Myspace Back: A New Myspace After a Long, Long Time

One of Google's Newest Algorithm Factors: DMCA Takedown Notices

Sounding the "Smoke Alarm" for a Good Cause

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Hello there, SEO fans!

In September's newsletter, we'll tell you about MySpace's (yeah, really) attempt to get back in the social media game, introduce you to Google's most recent algorithm factor, and explain how Smokey Robinson is using Twitter to help raise money for those in need. Also be sure to catch September's best from the Web too, all in one place for your reading pleasure!

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Bringing Myspace Back:
A New Myspace After a Long, Long Time

Smokey RobinsonHalloween came early this year! It looks like new Myspace is dressing up as every currently relevant social network out there. Very clever, costume, Myspace. And very real, too. I get the uncanny feeling that New Myspace is just the undead body of Old Myspace, up from its Internet graveyard (where other networks like Google Buzz rest in peace), shambling around in a really stylish suit. And yet, the …

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One of Google's Newest Algorithm Factors:
DMCA Takedown Notices

One of Google's Newest Algorithm Factors: DMCA Takedown NoticesAs the number of websites continues to grow and search engines become more adamant in their quest for unique quality content, more and more attention is paid to what companies are putting on their websites. Google recently announced that websites receiving Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices will be impacted in a negative way through …

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Sounding the "Smoke Alarm" for a Good Cause

Smokey RobinsonIt's amazing when you realize how, in just the last half-decade alone, modern technology and social media have made it possible to spread the word about various causes. With the click of a button, you can "like" a status or "retweet" a comment and show that you, too, care about seeing the less fortunate get the resources they need. Meanwhile, a quick text message allows you to donate to organizations like the American Red Cross, and aid victims of disasters like the Haiti earthquake or Japanese …

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September's Best from the Web, All in One Place:

Pinterest started sending more traffic to sites than Yahoo! In that context, Yahoo's trademark exclamation point seems a little callous, but it's true. Search Engine Land reported on the change this week and according to Shareholic, social sharing button and widget provider with more than 200,000 publishers using its tools, Yahoo has slipped to number five, while Pinterest replaces it right under Facebook. That might be the end of Pinterest's climb for the time being as Faceboook is having no trouble holding down it's throne right under Google and direct traffic with a pretty wide margin.

CM: Now in panoramic

Apple unveiled its newest smart phone at a press conference earlier this month, and as expected, social media users immediately started buzzing about the phone's newest features. The sixth-generation iPhone is not only lighter and thinner than previous models, but also a bit longer, with a 4" screen (up from 3.5") that allows for an extra row of icons. The phone's backplate is now made of aluminum, a welcome change from the glass backplate its predecessor featured. Unfortunately, current iPhone 4S users would have believed the iPhone 5 was vastly different, even without any changes.

Alongside the new model, iPhone's iOS 6 rolled out and while most people are apparently peeved at Maps, the coolest improvement we've seen so far is the ability to take panoramic photos. Forget Passbook–we're not ready for Minority Report to be a reality yet. The panoramic photos are cool enough. Is this development enough to make Instagram consider adding some aged filters to panoramic shots of the sky or dinner? One can only hope.

CM: Now in panoramic

Twitter got a little more like Facebook! In a move that some have called the "Facebookification of Twitter," Twitter released their newest feature: cover–I mean header–photos. It actually looks pretty sharp in their mobile app, but on the site it seems a little like Twitter is trying to fit in with the cool kids like Facebook and Google+, who have offered headers for quite a while now.

Did You Know?

Google Analytics supports 40 different languages, with 9 new languages added in early 2012.

From Hungarian and Slovak to Finnish and Catalan, Google is really taking their accessibility features to new level.

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