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Hello there, SEO fans!

The crew at Customer Magnetism had a relaxing holiday weekend, and now we're ready to give you a real treat! First, we're going to share with you our latest infographic about infographics(!!!), then talk to you a little about Google's Penguin algorithm update. We'll also tell you how to increase social media engagement—even without those kooky cat videos everyone loves.

As always, thanks for reading... and enjoy!

An Infographic... About Infographics!

Have You Checked Your Hat Recently?If one picture is worth a thousand words–just imagine how much an infographic must be worth. Why take the time to read a thousand words when you could just check out the data in a clear visualization?

Infographics have boomed in popularity for a few reasons: they're easy to understand, quick to read, and most importantly, great for sharing.

Learn what makes a great infographic, as well as a great infographic sharing strategy, with the numbers to back it up in our recent infographic about infographics …

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Over-Optimization Gets A New Name: Penguin

YouTube Video Celebrates 7 YearsWhether Google had one of Batman's nemeses on the brain when they named their most recent algorithm change, or just wanted to keep with the black-and-white "P" animal theme they've been working with since the Panda update, we may never know. What we do know, is that approximately 3.1% of all queries have been affected by the Penguin update, which until now was simply called the "Over-Optimization Update" …

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A Simple Way To Increase Social Media Engagement
(No Funny Videos Of Cats Required)

Have You Checked Your Hat Recently?It's no secret that for social media, success usually starts with engagement. When people are inspired to interact with your brand, they're more likely to talk about it offline and to share things with their friends. They'll naturally extend your reach, bringing even more customers into the fold. But how do you get to that ideal? Well, you can start …

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Best of the Best of the Web

Summer has officially begun, and it seems like content is going to remain a hot topic all season long. Luckily, we've compiled a short list of what we consider the best of the best content out there on the Web this month for you right here.

After the dust has cleared from the Penguin update , which rolled out April 24th, website owners can get a clear view of whether or not they were affected by the algorithm change. The Penguin update mainly focused on spammy link tactics and is said to have affected around 3.1% of all search queries. The previous update, Panda, narrowed in on quality content and affected 12% of queries. If those two updates weren't enough, Google has been busy with about 50 more, just in the past month! As usual, they released all the official algorithm changes in their Inside Search blog.

Facebook went public. If this is the first you've heard of it, welcome back from space.

We released two infographics this month! One was an infographic about infographics , delving in to what an infographic actually is, and how it can be a great tool for inbound marketing (with the numbers to back it up).  Our second took a look at the online population boom, and the ever-evolving Internet landscape . Did you know 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched before? Or that 1 in 11 humans is on Facebook? Or that Pinterest retains users 3x as efficiently as Twitter? Well, check out this infographic and you'll know all of these statistics and more.

When it comes to content marketing, no one is a bigger advocate for great content and inbound marketing than SEOmoz. Naturally, they posted a great, in-depth article about how to build a "content marketing machine " and keep it running smoothly. "The strategy of Content Marketing makes sense: instead of pushing messages about your product at prospects, pull prospects towards you by publishing content about your prospects' interests," Toby Murdock wrote on the SEOmoz blog. "Search rank, traffic, leads and all sort of goodness flow from this approach." If the Panda Update taught us one thing, it's that Google loves quality content.

Users love quality content. Find ways to produce it on a consistent basis and you're golden.

Did You Know?

Back in Feb. 2009 Google's First Tweet was:

"I'm 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010."

which translates into "I'm feeling lucky."

Hot Terms

Google+ Badges
Google+ Badges are widgets that you can place in your blog or website sidebar.

Hangout(s) in Real Life, another fascinating Google+ term.

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