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Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet for Brand Pages

Venice Update Puts More Emphasis on Local Search

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Welcome to Customer Magnetism's March newsletter!

March madness has taken on a new meaning as businesses scramble to update their Facebook profiles to the new timeline format, which is going live in just days! Not to worry though, friends, because in this month's newsletter, we're sharing with you our very own Timeline Cheat Sheet. Now you too can go out and be awesome! Also in this issue, find out about Google's Venice update, which puts heavy focus on local search, as well as tips on how to make sure your site is Venice-friendly.

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet for Brand Pages

PinterestFacebook changing anything is usually cause for an onslaught of angry status updates from the general public about how everyone liked it the way it was before, pages and groups dedicated to getting back the "old Facebook," and more recently, people swearing they'll move on to Google+.

I'll admit, when I heard Timeline would finally be rolling out to brands, I was a little disgruntled. We've all known it was inevitable, but I'd finally gotten great at creating canvas apps after the demise of FBML. Running contests ...

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Venice Update Puts More Emphasis on Local Search

Googele Venice UpdateIn case you missed it, one of Google's most recent updates puts even more emphasis on local search. Called the Venice update, it was quietly released among dozens of other changes. Google now applies the user's location data to organic search results. While searches used to give location-based results only when a local place name was typed into the search query, it now automatically adds the user's physical location into the mix based on search ...

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Best of the Best of the Web

For all the website owners and SEOs out there who have anguished over the "not provided" keyword data in Google analytic served up because of signed-in searchers, it's about to get worse. Firefox will now use Google's secure search by default. However, all is not lost. Google's main aim here is to push the Internet in a safer direction, and this is really a great incentive: if your site is secure, you won't suffer from "not provided" doom.

Josh Constine over at TechCrunch wrote a bitingly honest article titled Why Google+ Doesn't Care If You Never Come Back ," which you should check out, even if you only read the first two words. Touche, sir.

To help businesses get ready for the March 30 roll-out date of Timeline for brands we posted a free, downloadable Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet! Brands now have visual opportunities previously unheard of on Facebook and to help keep all of that straight, we've created a Facebook cheat sheet template for Timeline over here at Customer Magnetism. Simply download the PSD file, or get it all in a zip, and you'll be set without having to Google what the new dimensions are every time.

And because it's hard to go a week without hearing something new about Pinterest these days, here's the funniest, most practical Pinterest marketing article we've seen to date.

Did You Know?

Google's first data center was Larry Page's dorm room.

A far cry from its humble start, Google now has data centers all over the world, including U.S. locations in South Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Oregon as well as overseas center in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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