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Do the Math, or Just Let Google Do It For You

Social Media Tips: Directing Traffic

Yahoo names Marissa Mayer of Google as its new CEO

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Hello there, SEO fans!

This month, we're going to tell you about Yahoo's new CEO and what her new position might mean for the company and its future. We'll also give you some tips on keeping your social media in check and announnce yet another calculating move from Google. As always, thanks for reading... and enjoy!

Do the Math, or Just Let Google Do It For You

Calculate it with Google!All those years, all those teachers saying "you're not always going to have a calculator to do the math for you." Oh, really?

Google has been spouting out answers to math queries for years, but has now added an interface.

"Bonus: It also works on mobile," Peter Pachal of Mashable wrote earlier today. "In our quick test, it appeared in both Safari and Chrome on iOS and of course on Android as well. Although the scientific functions aren't visible in portrait mode, they appear when you flip…

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Social Media Tips: Directing Traffic

If your company has integrated social media into your Internet marketing campaign, this might be a good time to make sure people can find you. This can be a great opportunity to engage with your social followers, promote brand awareness and gain new customers.

One of the most popular sites is facebook.com, but there are a host of other social media outlets where your company can be active. Here are a few tips for bringing external traffic to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other social sites where you offer and share information to potential visitors and customers.…

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Yahoo names Marissa Mayer of Google as its new CEO

Inbound MarketingEveryone expected Yahoo! to name a new CEO and to do it soon. No one expected that new CEO to be Marissa Mayer, formerly of Google.

Yahoo! is a company at a crossroads. It's seen four CEOs within the last year as it struggles to define itself. In a time before Google, it was a titan of search and web usability, but now it's seen as secondary at best. However, it's still got a lot of loyal fans in people who remember the old Yahoo or continue to …

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Did You Know?

The exclamation point was added to the end of Yahoo! because the company name Yahoo was already owned by a barbecue sauce company.

Now that's some hot competition.

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