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The End of 2012, the End of the World

Download: Email Marketing Checklist

Most Awkward Holiday Stock Photos Ever

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Changing With the Seasons

Infographic: Seasonal Shopping Goes Digital

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Hello there, SEO fans!

The holiday season is upon us! As we become extra giddy about Saint Nick, sparkling trees, and egg nog, we're also feeling extra generous. That's why in this issue of our newsletter, we'll be giving you a super sweet downloadable email marketing guide along with some awesome holiday shopping stats! We'll also talk a little about the end of the world (which is today, btw), running seasonal ad campaigns, and more awkward stock photos!

Oh, and be sure to view a special holiday greeting from CM to see how strange of a bunch we really are! As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

The End of 2012, the End of the World

It's the end of the world."I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things." Frodo Baggins

Cut us some slack--Hobbit came out last week. It's an emotional time for nerds everywhere.

And isn't it the end of all things? It's the end of the work week, almost the end of the year, according to those who have misinterpreted the Mayan calendar, it's certainly the end of the world. So just in case we don't make it to next week, let's take a look back …

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Download our 132-Point Email Marketing Checklist

Email Audit ChecklistAn exclusive from the marketing team at Customer Magnetism, our 132-Point Email Success Checklist will help you to market your business like a pro! Download this 8 page checklist and learn how to evaluate:

  • Email Design
  • Template Coding
  • User Experience
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Campaign Metrics Analysis
  • Spam Law Compliance

Download the Checklist Now!

Most Awkward Holiday Stock Photos Ever

Super Awkward Stock PhotosWe’re back with another round of astonishingly awkward stock photos, this time with an unfortunate amount of holiday flair! Alright. We get it. A lot of retailers have holiday specials and it makes sense to promote those with some seasonal snazz. However . . .

You can’t just throw a Santa hat on someone and give them a shiny bag and expect the holiday spirit to come alive inside the hearts and minds of your customers. Is it Christmas in July? Is she shopping for more weather-appropriate attire to give...

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Changing With the Seasons

PPC ads change with the seasonsWith the winter solstice nearly upon us and the holiday shopping season well under way, this is a good time to think about your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. Many businesses use Google AdWords and Bing Ads as part of their search engine marketing strategy. The ads you target by keyword appear on the search engine results page (SERP) in a shaded area. When someone clicks on your ad, they are automatically delivered to your website. Holiday shoppers are looking for things they don’t usually search for on the Internet. They’re typically looking for …

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Infographic: Seasonal Shopping Goes Digital

Holiday trendsThe economic slump transforms into a shopping hustle-and-bustle during the holiday season, and this holiday season is projected to be no different. That holds especially true for online retailers, who are seeing more mobile customers than ever before.

Check out the stats on how holidays affect online retail and learn what online customers are looking for this holiday season.


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86% of people report that they are bothered when required to create new accounts on websites. This is a good reason for website usability to be first and foremost on your 2013 to-do list!

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