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The 10 Most Confusing Stock Images of All Time

Humor And Marketing: The Good, The Bad, And The Just Plain Wrong

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Hello there, SEO fans!

In this month's issue of our SEO newsletter, we talk about humor in marketing, explore the true meaning behind "inbound marketing," and bring you some of the most downright confusing stock photos we've ever seen!

As always, thanks for reading... and enjoy!

The 10 Most Confusing Stock Images of All Time

Downright embarrassing stock imagesWe all use stock photography every once in a while. Sometimes it's just the best way to illustrate an idea.

Sometimes it's not.

We've stumbled upon a collection of ten photos that just might be the worst, most confusing and inexplicable stock images of all time. (Unless you're looking for satire, in which case, these might be the best of all time.) …

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Humor And Marketing:
The Good, The Bad, And The Just Plain Wrong

Google Plus LocalAround some internet marketing watercoolers, there's been an idea that you can't go wrong with a campaign based on humor. On the surface of it, that sounds like it's pretty much true. Studies throughout time have shown that humorous things are more likely to stick in a person's mind and more likely to be shared. But there's a hidden problem: just because it's sticking in their mind and getting shared doesn't…

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What Does Inbound Marketing Really Mean?

Calculate it with Google!It's common knowledge that search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, and other earned media is all inbound marketing. But what is inbound marketing really? Turns out, it's much more than just a term that was coined to include these different techniques for communicating with customers. Inbound marketing isn't just a buzzword: it's a term that describes the way customer-company interaction is changing, and …

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The Best of the Best:

Goodbye, summer. Hello, August's recap on the best of the best on the Web!

Google Analytics added some valuable data in their social reports. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't measure social media now.

Social Reports Video - Justin Cutrioni

The impact of Twitter on SEO has long been question, debated, and tested. Now that SEOmoz has acquired Twitter analytics tool Followerwonk, we might get some real answers. WebProNews interviewed Rand Fishkin about the acquisition earlier this week.

"I see Twitter impacting a lot of relationship building, which often leads to partnerships, links, referrals, and business development of all kinds," Fishkin tells WebProNews. "We're also seeing a very observable correlation directly between URLs/sites that are heavily mentioned on Twitter and enhanced performance in the search results."

Matt Cutts also chimed in on the topic, clarifying an earlier statement he made about Google crawling Twitter. Basically, after Google's partnership with Twitter ended, which effectively ended real-time results from Twitter in SERPs, Twitter also blocked Google's bots from crawling the site. Cutts stated that he doubts whether Twitter's 400 million tweets a day could withstand Google's bots crawling each and every one.

Prophetic Video about the Internet!

This surprisingly prophetic video from 1995 not only predicts how integral the Internet has become to our everyday lives, but how important cats will be to the Internet as a whole. Chilling.

In other news, the rise of mobile continues! Independent mobile advertising network, InMobi, reported that Americans now just barely spend more time consuming media on mobile devices than on the TV –2.4 hours versus 2.35 for TV. The craziest part is that 70% of the time, mobile users are consuming that media while also watching TV.

The folks over at SEOmoz released their 2012 Industry Survey data. Anyone in the industry, and even anyone wondering what Internet marketing agencies do every day, should definitely check this out. For instance, this chart shows what inbound tactics marketers are spending their time on by percentage:

Stats from SEO Moz

2012 SEO Industry Survey

Did You Know?

Yahoo! was first started in the beginning of 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo and was originally called "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web". Yang and Filo later renamed their search engine to what we now know as Yahoo!, which is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".

Nerds are the absolute best.

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