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Twitter Analytics Have Finally Arrived

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Happy September, SEO fans!

As the summer comes to a close, Customer Magnetism would like to share with you a very proud moment in our company history: in August, we were selected for inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list, a prestigious honor for which we are immensely grateful. For this, we thank our loyal clients, like many of you reading, as we know we couldn't have done it without you.

In this issue of the Customer Magnetism newsletter, we're going to talk about Twitter's long-awaited analytics offering, what Facebook is doing to set their ads in a different direction, and how to blog for increased readership and SEO.

As always, thanks for reading. Now get ready for some great industry tips.

Hot Terms

Conversion Form
A form on a website used to collect information on site visitors, which will hopefully convert traffic into leads.

A computer program that browses the internet, collecting valuable information about websites.

Did You Know?

It takes Google 0.5 seconds to search its entire database when a query is performed.

Twitter Analytics Have Finally Arrived

Twitter AnalyticsOne of the most important aspects of social media marketing to businesses is the ability to quantify its success. Facebook and YouTube both currently provide "Insights" including information like page views, likes, and some basic demographics, and now the ever-elusive Twitter is about to offer the same.

Twitter announced a while back, as in November of 2010, that they would be launching analytics "soon," but now it seems like that time has finally come.

"Today we're announcing Twitter Web Analytics, a tool that helps website owners understand how much traffic ...

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Recent Blogs

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Social, not Standard: Facebook Ads Head in a New Direction

We've all seen the evidence that people increasingly are making social media a regular part of their daily existence: government protests are held via Twitter, people doing ordinary things become international celebrities on YouTube, and there are multiple blogs for nearly every subject imaginable (doilies, anyone?). Facebook has been a leader in this social media revolution, and new information coming out this week shows they're extending their influence by reshaping the scope of the social approach to business...

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Going Beyond Blogging Basics:
Create a Reader Magnet

create a reader magnetOne of the best ways to add content to your website is through a good blog. When it has valuable information and is updated regularly, it gives people a reason to come back and visit or to share links with their friends and business associates. It also gives the search engine spiders a reason to come back, crawl and index your website. Simply having a blog isn't enough, though; it needs to be compelling and draw people back. For many bloggers, discovering things to write about and ...

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CM Cares

In addition to our ongoing support of Orphan Helpers, CM just launched a year-long charity initiative called CM Cares, where CM employees help out a different local charity every month! We kicked off the program this month by participating in the Virginia Beach SPCA's 10th Annual Puttin' for Paws Charity Golf Tournament, with proceeds going to support the 7000+ animals they take in every year.

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