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Safe Surfing in Public

Duplicate Content: What It Is and How to Avoid It


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Happy October, SEO fans!

This month, Customer Magnetism is definitely keeping busy. Our CEO, Kurt Noer and one of our VP's, Jeremy Sherman, traveled to Google's office in the Big Apple to learn about all the great things to come from Google, and then of course bring us back knowledge (and sweet Google cookies). As usual, we did a lot of great Internet marketing and even found time to participate in a couple of great causes!

In this issue of the Customer Magnetism SEO newsletter, we're going to tell you how to surf safely while out and about and how to avoid duplicate content as well as tell you about updates, additions, and news from the most popular search engines.

As always, thanks for reading. Now get ready for some great industry tips.

Hot Terms

The amount of trust a site is given for a search query.

Conversion Rate
The percentage of visitors who complete a definitive goal, as an example, a user being converted into a purchaser of your product or service.

Did You Know?

The Google bots crawl strictly from IP addresses within the USA, not from any other country. Even other country's websites are crawled from the US.

Safe Surfing in Public

Almost everywhere you can grab a bite to eat offers WiFi of some sort these days. From Starbucks to Burger King, people know they can stop in for a coffee (or large fries) anytime with the luxury (or burden) of being able to check their email or post on Facebook while they're there.

The only problem with public networks is that while they're wildly convenient, they're also pretty vulnerable. Our own president here at CM even got a virus on his laptop recently from logging on at Starbucks. If you're going to browse outside of the safety of your own network, there are a few simple ways to protect your digital information ...

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Friday Reads

Duplicate Content:
What It Is and How to Avoid It

SEOOne way to attract visitors and search engine spiders to your website is by adding interesting, quality content. It should be relevant to your website's general topic; it should also be unique. Each page should have a different angle or focus related to your general topic. For example, if your website is about ...

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The latest in search engine updates, additions, and news.

- This month, Google is focusing their efforts on Google+ as they work on laying Jaiku and Google Buzz to rest in the Google Graveyard. With these changes, users will lose the ability to post updates to these services, but will be able to export earlier posts. Those with iGoogle accounts will lose social abilities as well, as Google attempts to funnel social interactions to Google+.

- At the end of September, Bing announced the launch of Bing Deals, a new daily deals service which aggregates over 200,000 deals across the US, bringing users relevant, local deals. Individual listings are not permitted through Bing Deals, but businesses can list their own deals through Bing Business Portal.

- Google Translate for Android's experimental feature ...

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CM Cares

CM continued our 'CM Cares charitable initiative this month with the JT Walk and Beach Party to raise money for the National ALS Foundation. The JT Walk in Virginia Beach is the largest ALS walk in America. This year's walk raised almost 1.2 million dollars.

Beach Walk

SEO Cartoon

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