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Google Spaces Out

Visa Devises Ingenious Strategy, Takes Stab at Deals

Humans: Ranking Your Website Since Day One

Thinking Outside the Box: 7 Ways to Find a Blog Topic

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Good day and happy May! For this month's newsletter, we're going to discuss some layout changes Google is testing out, Visa's big break into the deals space, the influence of human interaction on search engine rankings, and finally how to find a blog topic when you're drawing a blank.

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Hot Terms

Stealing high-ranking content from another website, hoping to earn the same rankings as the original content.

Distributing advertising based on geographic location.

Did You Know?

Gmail was used internally for almost 2 years prior to its public launch. Google found out during this time that there were approximately 6 types of email users - so Gmail was designed to accommodate these 6.

Google Spaces Out

If you happen to be one of the few users seeing a new test version of Google's search engine results, you might have noticed some drastic changes. In an attempt to clean up their results, it seems that Google might have gone a little too far.

While results have admittedly become a little overwhelming in the past year with so many OneBox results, real-time, and social additions, Google seems to have left very little information on the page in the test version. Instead of underlined links ...

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Recent Blogs

Google Ad Previews Provide Instant Gratification
YouTube Improves Creator Content With Contests
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Airs CM-Sponsored Episode
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What Does Your Website Say About You?

Visa Devises Ingenious Strategy,
Takes a Stab at Real-time Mobile Deals

Click-Through and SEOJust when we thought the daily deals space couldn't be any more cluttered, Visa Inc. has begun offering real-time discounts to mobile users, contending with daily deals services such as Groupon, LivingSocial, and Facebook, among others. The opt-in service personalizes offers based on geolocation as well as purchase history ...

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Humans: Ranking Your Website Since Day One

Click-Through and SEOA recent post on YouMoz (SEO Moz's user-contributed blog section) addressed what they believed to be the injustice of Google's Farmer/Panda update that devalued poor-quality websites using a basic and apparently flawed evaluation system. I was honestly surprised to find some people believe that Google is trying to make itself the judge and jury of content quality, shamelessly devaluing sites offering content they don't deem authoritative. The author of the article suggests ...

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Thinking Outside the Box:
7 Ways to Find a Blog Topic

Blogging is a great way to put fresh content on your website. Not only does this give people something new to read and an opportunity to learn more about your business, it helps your site rank better by giving search engine spiders something new to crawl. When you blog on a regular basis, you'll develop a following by giving your audience something to read. Finding a blog topic can sometimes be a little tough. You want it to be interesting and fresh, something worth reading. Try to think outside the box.

Here are 7 ways to come up with a unique blog topic ...

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