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As we welcome June and its dramatically hot days here in beautiful Virginia Beach, we have also welcomed many changes in our great industry and in our company! It's an exciting time at Customer Magnetism!

In this issue of our newsletter, we're first going to tell you how diligently some superstar tech companies are working to reduce their environmental impact. Next, we'll introduce you to the Google +1 button as well as cover some stats on what SMBs consider top performing marketing channels. Lastly, we'll discuss how to maintain your website visitors' attention with great, thorough information. We also have an exciting announcement about a new addition to our staff this month that you will not want to miss.

As always, we truly appreciate your support of our great industry. Thanks for reading... and ENJOY!

Hot Terms

A near identical or duplicate web page, a tactic used to target search terms, and often a violation of most search engines' Terms of Service.

Content Targeted Advertising: the placement of relevant PPC ads on non-search engines.

Did You Know?

Google's first Twitter post was "I'm feeling lucky"... in binary.
See the post here.

Turning the Cloud Green:
Leading Technology Companies Strive to Reduce Environmental Impact of Their "Virtual" Services

Turning the Cloud GreenSo there's a lot of buzz right now about The Cloud. In a nutshell, The Cloud frees you from having to keep data, software, etc., on your own hardware such as servers and hard drives, instead storing your information remotely and making your material accessible via the internet 24/7.

While the concept of virtual computing and storage has been around for a while, recent advances from global technology players have put The Cloud front-and-center on the discussion table once again. Google has been leading the charge into cloud-based computing for a while now, but just in the past few days, Apple released information about their new iCloud service to great fanfare, Hewlett-Packard announced an expansion of its cloud-based offerings, and IBM started offering free ...

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+1: The Prologue

Introducing Google +1Google's March release of the +1 button on search results pages enabled Google users to recommend the content of search results as well as paid ads with the click of a button. This release, described by Google as "shorthand for 'this is pretty cool' or 'you should check this out'" was an addition many in the Internet Marketing industry predicted would join the likes of Google Wave, Jaiku, and Notebook (in the Google Graveyard) ...

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Email Supremacy Challenged by Social

If you've had Internet access at any point in the past few years, you might have noticed that social media has been gaining exponential popularity among small and medium-sized businesses in the US. Its cost-effective (if not free) nature in most cases and ease of use have been cited by eMarketer recently as the primary reasons for its adoption among SMBs; however, as high as it has risen, it still has yet to beat out email as their top online marketing tactic.

Email's continued reign isn't so surprising considering how long it has been around. Business owners have had years to develop and perfect their strategies in this arena ...

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FAQs About FAQs

Improving traffic to your website is not enough to gain new customers. Once people arrive on your website, you need to give them good information and something interesting to view or they will leave. This is especially important for first-time visitors. FAQs about FAQs

One way to maintain your visitors' attention is to add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to your website. This gives potential customers important information about your company all in one place. FAQs make your website more user-friendly. Here are a few FAQs about FAQs ...

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CM Hires Geek
with Sweets

CM has found a perfect fit with new Marketing Director, Mary Elizabeth Allen. Not only does Mary have an obscene amount of talent, but as she said, a "geek flag flying." The Former Hasbro Brand Manager (working closely with Dungeons & Dragons) is often seen with sweet treats in tow.

Welcome, Mary - you and your delicious cupcakes.

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