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Foursquare Steps Into Daily Deals Ring

Microsoft adCenter Launches New Radius-Targeting Ads

Historypin: Pin your History!

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Hello, loyal readers! The staff at Customer Magnetism hopes you've started your July on the right foot and that you're ready for some more great industry knowledge!

In this issue of our newsletter, we're first going to give you a refresher course on social media that will hopefully get you looking toward the future of your social-based marketing efforts. Next, we'll tell you what Foursquare is doing to capitalize on its success as well as introduce you to some changes in the way that you'll be able to target customers through Microsoft adCenter. Lastly, find out why Historypin is an absolute must for history buffs and tech geeks alike.

As always, we truly appreciate your support of our great industry. Thanks for reading... and ENJOY!

Hot Terms

Enables web pages to load quickly when a page is revisited by storing web page files locally on the user's hard drive.

Data placed on a user's computer by a web server to later be retrieved (ex. email address, passwords, etc).

Did You Know?

China is already blocking Google+, Google's newest social offering.

Summertime Social Media Refresher

Social Media RefresherWe're into the sweltering heat of July here at Customer Magnetism! While summer is personally the best time for surfing, swimming, and sunning, it's also as good an opportunity as any to brush up on the basics of social media, to consider stepping up your social media game, and to keep an eye towards the future of this constantly-evolving part of the online world.

With that in mind, we've whipped up a Summertime Social Media Refresher that reviews some of the most common social media platforms in use today (or tomorrow).  Use this as a reminder to get your social media plan started or keep you moving and growing—no sunscreen required! ...

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Foursquare Steps
Into Daily Deals Ring

Foursquare steps into the ringLocation-based social service Foursquare has announced that they will be soon integrating a number of daily deals services like LivingSocial, Gilt Group, and AT&T Inc. as components in their mobile apps. So far, this marks Foursquare's most considerable movement toward a revenue stream, something the start-up has been lacking since its inception three years ago. Foursquare will essentially pass ...

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Microsoft adCenter Launches
New Radius-Targeting Search Ads

Microsoft adCenter has added a new focus to its search-based ad offerings. Radius targeting for specific zip codes and addresses is now available in all of its markets. This is good news for businesses that rely on very local customers for their livelihood.

Advertisers on Bing and Yahoo! search can now target their local ads to searches for a tighter area than previously offered. There is a new option for both PC and mobile searches to set ads for a five- to 100-mile radius of a specific location. Microsoft adCenter recently launched the feature to help increase ad relevancy for Bing and Yahoo! search users ...

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Historypin: Pin your History!

HistorypinAs reported by Mashable, recent Webby Award winner Historypin has launched and is definitely something to get excited about, especially if you're a history lover!

This non-profit website includes a mobile app which utilizes Google Maps to overlay historical photos on current locations, giving users a snapshot of what the location looked like at different points in time. Users are able to search by location or date in order to search the tens of thousands of pictures Historypin has acquired in its short life.

Visit Historypin today to take a leap into history.

CM Executive Retreat Inspires Mischief

This month when the executive staff of CM left for a leadership retreat, the underlings decided to spice up the atmosphere around the office! See what our fearless leaders found when they returned in our Executive Retreat album on Facebook.

Office Mischief

SEO Cartoon

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