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Taking the BS out of SM for SMBs

Silos are for Grain, Not Marketing

What is Quality Content?

PageRank: What is it Good For?

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Hello, SEO fans!

The staff at Customer Magnetism hopes you're having a happy and productive August and that you're ready for some great industry tips.

In this issue of the Customer Magnetism newsletter, we're going to tell you how to remove the BS from your business social media strategy as well as the reasons silo marketing isn't cutting it these days and why a holistic marketing approach will prove more beneficial. Next, we'll tell you what content quality really is and how to achieve it so that you won't be left in Google Panda's wake. While you're here, look for a few other extras, including a video about the value of PageRank, a long-debated SEO metric.

As always, thanks for reading... and ENJOY!

Hot Terms

HyperText Markup Language, the predominant coding language for web pages.

Search Engine Results Page, the page you receive when you search for a term in a search engine.

Did You Know?

Google+ and Facebook are enforcing the use of your REAL NAME. Rebel and Google will suspend your account - and it seems Facebook may follow suit.

Taking the BS out of SM for SMBs

Erase BSLet's not pretend social media isn't sexy — of course it is. It makes so much sense for businesses, big and small alike. Accounting for one out of every six minutes spent online (up from one out of every twelve minutes in 2007), there are so many opportunities to get exposure, build up a brand, reveal a human side to a company, and meet clients and customers where they are. However, just like anything else on the Internet, it can attract overused buzzwords and phrases that might have been well-intentioned initially, but eventually lose their meaning.

When seeking advice on how to run a successful social campaign for a small sized business, be wary of the following phrases...

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Silos are for Grain, Not Marketing

Today's diverse communication avenues offer so many options to business owners for reaching out to potential customers. You have your traditional, time-tested methods print, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail and new, still-developing opportunities banner ads, website optimization, mobile text marketing, social media, and email. With so many choices and each approach requiring a separate process to get it up and running, it's tempting to treat each channel individually, developing campaigns one at a time. Or you may find that you differentiate your traditional campaigns from your online promotions since they often use drastically different media and run on different timelines.

Well, that's called silo marketing, and it just doesn't fly these days...

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What is Quality Content?

Quality SEO ContentGoogle has long emphasized the need for quality relevant content as it relates to search engine results and the value given to websites and web pages. Since the first Google Panda update a few months ago, the emphasis on quality has never been stronger. Content considered low in quality drags down a website's rankings and turns off its visitors. Sites with quality content tend to float to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). While the concept of having quality content sounds good, understanding what it is and using it are another story entirely ...

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PageRank: What is it Good For?

PageRank: What is it Good For? Whether you're new to SEO or a seasoned professional, you're sure to have heard of PageRank. Simply put, PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to assign a numeric weight to web pages, a metric many in the SEO community have been unsure of through the years.

In this video brought to us by SEOmoz, learn why PageRank should be used sparingly as well as where it can be most useful.

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CM Grows

This month, CM is proud to welcome three additions to the Customer Magnetism family! Welcome to CM, Kathy, Marco, and John. We look forward to having you on our team!

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