A wedding planner is a professional wedding consultant or coordinator. Most times, they help the bride and groom plan the entire wedding. These tasks include helping the bride choose a gown, narrowing down the invitation selection, and then sending them to those on the guest list. Wedding Planner AdvertisingThey help plan the menu, find vendors, order the wedding cake and hand all details the bride and groom want for their special day. Some consultants might plan 10-12 weddings at the same time. A good percentage of these wedding consultants will see what the couple has for a budget or income and take a percentage of that for their compensation.

A wedding planner should be creative, have knowledge of maintaining a budget and be capable of remaining organized. There is not a specific degree that is necessary for this line of work, but it is a good idea to learn about how planning weddings is done. A great way to learn some of these skills is by volunteering at a bridal shop and talking to people who are wedding planners. Caterers and floral shops are also wise places to learn more about planning weddings. Generally, a person will have their own business in this field of work, so it is a good idea to take some basic business classes to gain important basic knowledge. A certificate to become a wedding planner can be obtained online, if desired.

Wedding Planning Advertising
Generally, wedding planners will select local companies for wedding planning marketing. Ads do not offer enough information for people. Brides and grooms want an up close and personal look at the wedding planner who will play such an important role in their special day. Many consider a beautiful wedding they attended and ask that bride or groom for a referral. A strong performance will yield a positive referral. Many folks are going to the Internet nowadays, and they are reading content on web sites, or they are reading reviews that have been posted online about wedding organizers. Some of this information may be true; some not. It is best to speak to the company about any rebuttal on negative reviews before automatically writing them off.

Being a wedding planner is a job that has to be taken very seriously. Every bride and groom will have dreams about how this special day will be and the planner will need to make these dreams come true for them. A couple meets with this consultant in an interview mode, and the wedding planner has that one chance to impress the couple. This line of work is sometimes straining, but it can be a lot of fun and very emotionally rewarding. This job can be like something out of a fairy tale, as a wedding planner helps to make dreams come true.