Singer Marketing

A vocalist, or singer, is a person who performs and sings. When there is a band of people singing, there is usually a lead vocalist who has been chosen to sing the top choral pieces of the music. Sometimes a vocalist also plays a musical instrument in combination with the singing. A vocalist learns to sing with music and also without music, or a cappella. vocalist marketingA vocalist can be a backing or backup singer, blues singer, busker, cabaret singer, carols singer, children’s singer, choral singer, chorus line singer, minstrel, troubadour, country singer, cruise ship singer, folk singer, diva, gospel singer, holiday camp singer, jazz singer, karaoke singer, lead singer, lead vocalist, music librarian and an entertainer.

Living as a professional singer is not always the easiest career. There will be times when there are rejections and/or constructive criticism about their singing talents, and there may be times when employment shows gaps in time and they will have to depend on other means of work. Not everyone who becomes a vocalist makes it in this career. Statistics show that there are about 1% of people in this line of work who make a living solely on being a vocalist. Most people sing while they hold another job to satisfy the income they need to live on.

There are not any requirements as far as an education or training to become a vocalist, but it is recommended that one takes some music classes and singing lessons and must be able to carry a tune with a pleasant voice. There are also workshops a vocalist can attend or they can go to a college that offers music degrees. Vocalists can choose to become a music therapist, as well. A music therapist sings to adults and children and the music is therapeutic to the clients. Singers need to have strong lungs and remain healthy in all ways, including the larynx. They need to practice every day to keep the vocal cords strong.

Vocalist Marketing
Marketing singers can be exciting and it can be trying, but if it is done with a direct approach, it can be quite beneficial. A singer might be looking for a solo job or for a band to sing with. They might look to sing at events. One traditional method of marketing that most singers have used is running ads in local newspapers or getting listed in the telephone book Yellow Page ads. Another popular method is singing at an open mike night at the local bar or tavern. The idea is they will grow an audience and, meanwhile, may be discovered by an agent or musical talent scout.

If a singer has been using traditional marketing methods to no avail, he or she might want to consider changing the methods a bit. When a young vocalist just starts his or her career, he or she is not going to have a lot of money or time to spend on marketing.

There are some more modern and inexpensive methods of singer marketing nowadays. Internet marketing has become one of the most used forms of marketing. Statistics show that this is where most people go to market and to look for those who are marketing. Social media marketing is very effective for musical vocal talent. When people know when and where they are playing, they will go watch a concert or show. A successful vocalist will bring a crowd wherever they go, which will get them invited back to that venue, perhaps as a regular. Social media advertising is a strong means of grabbing attention, especially when potential clients and managers are on the receiving end.