Cab AdvertisingA taxi or cab is also known as a taxicab. This is a vehicle that has a driver assigned to who transports people to and from destinations for a fee. There is usually a meter on the dash of each taxicab that calculates how many miles a passenger goes and then determines the cost of that ride. The passenger is charged per mile, with additional surcharges, such as number of bags or extra passengers.

Some taxicab businesses have benches or posts set up at certain locations These are usually found at airports, bus stations or train stations, usually on a sidewalk, where people can stand or sit and wait for the taxicab. Most benches or posts for cab pick-up will have a cover overhead so that customers can be sheltered from inclement weather.

A taxi driver does not always have fun while working, and in some places, this job can be dangerous. Nowadays, a taxicab usually has protective glass and a cage between the cab driver and the passengers. There have been incidents of foul play and some taxicab drivers have been injured, so now the cabs are safeguarded to protect the drivers.

Some cab drivers work for taxi companies that provides the taxi vehicle and insurance for the driver. Some cabbies have their own taxis and run their own business. Those who run their own business make more money per year than those who work for a cab company. Some of the bigger taxicab services in larger cities offer a higher income or commission to experienced taxicab drivers.

Taxi Advertising
A taxi cab driver uses taxicab marketing a bit differently than other businesses do. The concepts might be basically the same, whereas the cab driver needs to gain customers, but the approach is not. The marketing for a cab service has to be different, as there are a lot of competitors in this line of work, especially in large cities. When someone wants a ride somewhere, they do not want to wait for a long period of time. A passenger does not want to pay a fortune just to go a short distance. This should be considered when planning out the marketing strategies for the taxi business.

Getting the word out can be quite complex, so a taxi owner needs to know something about marketing and which marketing methods will work fast, reaching a lot of people. Riding around with a big sign on a cab door is helpful for spur of the moment cab service passengers, but does not do the trick anymore as the only means of marketing.

Cab drivers no longer need to drive around in their taxicabs all day long looking for a fare, nor do they have to pay a fortune on newspaper and Yellow Page ads. The solution is quite easy and is accessible to nearly anyone. Internet marketing has taken a front page for most companies now. A taxi driver only needs a laptop in his or her cab and can sit at a location that offers Wi-Fi. Taxi marketing can begin right from the cab seat. He or she can set up a website, run some campaigns, do e-mail marketing and even write some articles about  taxis and market those, as well.

Imagine being able to relax for a while each day in between giving people rids to and from their destinations. Imagine being able to use marketing right from the driver’s seat, answering calls for rides or e-mails about the taxi services, all in a matter of moments.