marketing ski resortSkiing and snowboarding resorts are a primary resource for mountains in colder climates. Aside from being a Mecca for skiers and snowboarders, they offer warm and cozy socializing through out the winter season. The demand for these types of recreational activities depends on weather conditions, especially snow. Discretionary income for consumers plays a large role in the success of ski resorts and snowboarding resorts. Other factors for success include technology to assist with sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations of the ski facility. There are approximately 350 ski facilities in the US, with annual revenue of approximately $2 billion. An employee at skiing/snowboarding resorts can earn annual income of approximately $30,000, on average.

Skiing and snowboarding resorts generally offer food and beverages at the resort for a fee. Equipment rentals, lift tickets and the sale of certain merchandise are other items bring in approximately 50% of their revenue. About 60% of ski resorts remain open the entire year. The other 40% of these resorts close during the warmer seasons and re-open when the cold weather returns. Also, many of these resorts offer skiing lessons and snowboarding lessons. Cabins can often be rented in the summertime as well, with family activities available at nearby lakes and rivers. Hiking, horseback riding and tennis are usually offered spring through autumn before it is cold enough to snow or make snow.

Some types of winter activities offered at skiing and snowboarding resorts are cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Some equipment necessary to operate a functional resort are ski lifts, surface preparation equipment that is used to prepare the ski and snowboarding areas, tows and machinery used to groom the trails. The major expenses for the skiing/snowboarding resorts will be the cost equipment and the cost of marketing. The marketing does not need to be that expensive, though, if a business tries some modern marketing methods instead of or in addition to the traditional methods.

Ski Resort Advertising
Traditional marketing methods for skiing and snowboarding resorts are usually done by running TV ads, radio ads and newspaper ads. A majority of these businesses might even be listed in the Yellow Pages. A few years ago, people began to look in other places when they were looking for products and services, and the Yellow Page ads and TV ads began to fade. Nowadays, the methods that are being used allow skiing and snowboarding resorts to reach more people and do multiple things in one place.

Imagine building a website and adding live pictures and videos of ski resorts and snowboarding events, the trails and the staff. Internet marketing offers this and more. Social media is especially effective for ski resorts. They can let everyone know at a moment’s notice when the ski trails are open and how many are available. Press releases about new runs and additional lifts are great marketing tools as well. Marketing specialists will offer support whenever necessary and tips for additional advertising plans. When ski resorts can be found at the top of the search engines, they have more traffic on their website and bring in more customers. Marketing ski resorts on the Internet helps them find people looking for somewhere to ski. With the right approach, the business can bring in additional revenue through Internet marketing.