Advertising Screen PrintingThe silk screener industry involves the use of silk and the talent of making the silk turn into art. Other names used for the silk screener industry are screen printing, silk textile printing, serigraphy and silk screening. Silk screener talents go way back to the early 1900s. It first began in China, then Japan and then the US.

Silk comes from silkworms. Worms eventually turn into moths. During the process of a worm turning into a moth, there is something that each worm does and these results bring silk to the silk screener industry. The way that the silk is retrieved is quite a process. The worm cannot be allowed to turn into a moth or there will no longer be any silk to retrieve from the cocoon that is spun. The worm must be found while it is in its cocoon and then the worm is boiled so that the cocoon stays whole. This is when the silk is obtained. If the worm does change into a moth, the cocoon gets broken, ruining the total silk in the cocoon. Many businesses in the silk screener industry now use synthetic silk as an alternative resource.

Screen printers use stencils and screens for this process. The screen is covered by mesh and then the ink colors are penetrated through the mesh. There are blank sections layered with a water-resistant material. The colors end up on the printing shell. One could say that the screens are similar to templates, as they can be used repeatedly for many prints. The way that the templates are made is by use of a drawing or photo captured by camera. The image can be moved onto the screen. A silk screener has the option of tracing an image, as well. The materials that are used in this industry are cloths, ceramics, wood, glass, metal and plastic. Technology has made this type of work a lot easier.

Advertising Screen Printing
The screen printing industry makes up at least 25% of the entire textile industry. It is expected that this industry will make up at least 50% of the industry by the year 2014. The silk screener industry has a demand for its products no matter what time of year it and no matter what the occasion. People are always looking for silk screened products. The way that people are looking for these products now is by use of the Internet.

Marketing screen printing has also changed tremendously over the past few years. As computer technology has changed, the other aspects of it changed and screen printing advertising can be done faster and easier because of these magnificent changes. Ultimately, there are more ways to use marketing now than ever before, and one might think that it costs a lot of money to do this, but it does not. The fact is that Internet marketing actually saves companies thousands of dollars within even the first few months of trying these new marketing techniques.