The recycling industry is all about taking old materials, like milk jugs and tin cans, and turning them into new materials or at least saving them from landfills. The main idea for recycling is to cut down on energy costs, polluted air, polluted water and the utilization of clean raw materials. Advertising RecyclingMost people have seen the logos that have green arrows designed in kind of a circle and there might be three Rs on them. The three Rs stand for reduce, reuse and recycle. The green resembles the saying, “Go Green” that means save the environment by recycling, reusing or reducing. This industry is a billion-dollar industry and it is expected that these numbers will continue to increase. There is a lot of competition in this industry, but it is not all fun and games or just about revenue. With all the laws and guidelines that recycling plants need to follow, there can be some trying times in this industry and some controversies to overcome. Turning in old materials and having them made into new ones, like paper products, has been proven to save trees, too.

The recycling industry takes care of materials like glass, paper, metal, plastic, cloth and electronics. Food or waste from a garden can be made into compost and used for fertilizer, therefore putting it back into the ground and helping the environment. The recycling industry has to abide by strict laws and guidelines that are set up by the federal government and in some states there are other laws or codes that they must follow. No matter what the rules and laws are, though, people will always have something to recycle. By recycling, the environment improves and remains stable for the future.

There is no set education or training requirements that a person needs to enter a recycling company or to start one of their own, but it is a good idea to learn about the environment and the laws and rules regarding waste and recycling. It is also a good idea to study about what agencies make these laws, and study some form of business. Business plans and marketing are required. If a recycling manager is going to take care of their own books with the company, they should study basic accounting and/or bookkeeping and read about business law and business ethics. Some community colleges offer very affordable courses in these categories that can be completed in one or two semesters. Other good skills to learn are typing and computer skills. People who drive commercial recycling trucks or other equipment in the recycling industry will need to have a special driver’s license.

A lot of things get recycled every day, like car batteries, flashlight batteries, electronics, cardboard, glass, aluminum and many types of metal. Some terms that are used in the recycling industry are dumpster diving, industrial ecology, down-cycling, bartering, dematerialization, ecodesign and up-cycling.

Marketing Waste Management
Marketing recycling should be more than adventurous. There are so many things a company can tell the general public about how to recycle that would get the attention of many people. Where are companies that recycle marketing their services? When a person picks up a telephone book and looks in the white pages or in the yellow pages, they can search for companies that recycle in their local area. How many ads are there in the phone book? Are there any ads in the local newspapers? How about billboards or flyers? It seems like it is not that often that people see even a flyer regarding recycling. Is this because companies are not marketing with these methods?

Are they trying to reduce the use of recyclable materials or is this because people are not going to the locations where the marketing ads or brochures have been placed?

A great way to begin advertising for the recycling industry is telling people who they are, what they do and why they do it. Online advertising is an excellent platform for this. Social media marketing, such as Twitter and Facebook can get out a message when used in coordination with other methods, such as telemarketing, email marketing and print advertising. Tell people all the benefits of recycling.

A recycling company can build a professional web site that is informative about how recycling helps save trees and they could teach people how to make their own compost to use as fertilizer for next year’s garden. The Internet is a great place for marketing, as it offers many ways to do this, and it reaches many more people. The more information that is out there when people find the company, the better the chances of attracting even more people and success will become a reality and not just a dream.