Taking x-rays is an art form that requires skill, know-how and special equipment. A hospital is usually the place where people have x-rays taken, but some doctor’s offices also do x-rays. Marketing for RadiologistsAn x-ray technician is usually the one who takes them using a special camera. An x-ray technician can also be called a radiology technician, an x-ray tech or x-ray technologist.

The resulting pictures of the body’s interior are used as a diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals, especially doctors. People are x-rayed for various reasons. The patient might have a broken bone, a torn ligament or other injury that requires an closer look. When the radiologist takes images, a patient wears a lead sheet which covers the body as protection from the radiation emitted from the x-ray.

Generally, an x-ray tech attends a trade school to receive special education and training. This involves learning about the x-ray equipment and how to run it. Also included is how to deal with doctors and patients, as well as protect people while they are having x-rays performed. They develop the film and read x-rays so they will know whether or not the images are accurate. They also assist with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, computer axial tomography (CAT) scans, ultrasound and sonograms.

Two of the most important subjects in high school and in this training are math and science. Most people go to school from one to four years to acquire certification in this line of work. Other subjects studied will be radiation and protection from it, pathology, human relations, the medical and business ethics, anatomy, physiology and imaging concepts. After certification, they are required to recertify every two years. This is also known as radiography. The average annual income for an x-ray technician is approximately $52,000.

Advertising Radiologists
Marketing can be complex for some people, and radiologists in particular. Radiologist marketing seems to be changing every day. Just a few years ago, there were only a few methods of marketing available for local businesses. In just the past few years, hundreds of methods of marketing have become available. Many x-ray technology businesses still use the traditional methods, like telephone book ads, local advertising on the radio or television and business cards. They are also listed in approved insurance company provider listings. More recently, the world of Internet advertising is opening up for marketing radiologists. Search engine optimization (SEO) through organic and pay-per-click methods is increasing the website traffic to these businesses, making it easier for patients to find them. Local search works for those in close proximity to a doctor’s office or hospital that must have x-rays taken quickly and returned as soon as possible. When different types of Internet marketing for x-ray technicians are used at once, the results speak volumes.