Advertising PsychologistA psychologist is a licensed mental health therapist who meets with people and counsels them on a variety of psychological, emotional and social levels. A psychologist is sometimes referred to as a social scientist. There are a few different kinds of psychologists, each with a different focus. They include medical, counseling, developmental, research or  school psychologists. Psychotherapists are otherwise known as a neuropsychologists.

The psychologist has two major functions; to perform research and teach people. Psychology is defined as the study of the mind or what makes people think or act in different manners and why.

A doctor working in the medical aspect of psychology generally works in a hospital setting with patients who have had strokes or medical events, are in severe physical pain or emotional pain. The psychologist helps these patients through counseling and talking about the problems. A therapist who does counseling in psychology helps patients deal with the mental health aspects of their everyday life. Research psychologists usually work in a laboratory and perform studies and tests on animals and people. Topics include behavior, motivation and attention span under different circumstances. Studies on human memory are another subject of psychological research with a profound effect on society. A medical, counseling or school psychologist can make anywhere from $41,000 up to $71,000 annually. The average annual income for a private psychology  practice is approximately $42,000.

Psychologists study sociology, art, literature, religion and humanities. Other skills that must be acquired are writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar, as a psychologist does a lot of writing during the lifetime of his or her career. Other courses of interest that will also be required for this degree are mathematics, chemistry, biology, psychology and physics.

A psychological counselor treats patients in a different manner than that of a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists do meet with patients on an individual basis, but they generally do not counsel patients. They use prescription medication for psychiatric treatment, whereas a psychologist meets with patients on a one-on-one basis, counseling patients on a psychological level, and the psychologist tries to avoid using medications for treatment when feasible.

Psychologist Advertising
Since there are thousands of psychologists in the United States alone, different marketing techniques should be used to reach potential patients. Psychologists would use traditional marketing techniques like newspaper ads, telephone book ads, business cards and brochures or flyers to get the word out about their practice. These types of marketing techniques have worked well for some, but have not worked well for others. These techniques have proven to be less effective and more expensive for a healthcare practitioner over the past few years. There are some modern ways of marketing that use the basic strategies that traditional methods use.

The difference between the traditional and new methods is that the newest ways of marketing enable psychologists to reach hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. A therapist can build an attractive website to use for marketing and present helpful tips on the website’s blog to help people. The mental health therapist shows they genuinely care about people.

Psychologist marketing can benefit people who need help and the psychologist who needs clients, but the fastest, more efficient and the least expensive methods of marketing nowadays are done over the Internet. Fewer people read the local newspapers and phone book. The Internet offers consumers fresh and fast results. Using the Internet as a psychologist’s marketing tool will help boost website traffic and increase the number of patients and amount of revenue. Using proper website design and initiating an Internet advertising campaign will help increase business and improve the company’s bottom line.