The art of pottery making is nearly as old as human civilization itself. For thousands of years, people have shaped earthen materials like clay and used heat to harden them into vessels and other forms for use as containers, tools and decorative items. Today, potters create beautiful and functional objects from dinnerware to garden planters using a variety of methods and techniques. An array of colorful glazes and decorations, some applied before the pieces are put into the kiln and some after, give pottery a finished look and feel. Whether it is hand-shaped, thrown on the potting wheel, molded, pressed or cast—pottery has a unique quality sought out by cooks and collectors alike.

Advertising PotteryIf making or selling pottery is your business, you are part of a rich tradition. So how do you put modern technology to work for that tradition in order to reach out to your customers in an ever-changing marketplace? Creating an engaging online presence is key. In the past, potters marketed their wares by soliciting galleries, arts shows, craft or gift shops. They placed print ads in trade publications or art magazines or created fliers, brochures or catalogues to be mailed or distributed at special events or select locations.

These pottery advertising approaches can still be moderately effective. But the power of the Internet has given artists of all types, including potters, far more efficient ways of connecting with their clients. Social media, for example, offers a dynamic vehicle for interacting with customers by piquing their interest with information and imagery related to the creative process, products or interesting news about you, your business or your work. Since the process of making pottery is very much a science as well as an art, marketing articles and press releases about techniques, styles or tools of the trade to online outlets is another way to reach your target audience.

Pottery is very visual, prized as much for its beauty as its usefulness. When customers visit your website, do they get a true sense of that beauty as soon as they arrive? Do the layout, pictures, video or other elements of your site make an impact? If not, a website redesign may be in order. In addition to strong imagery, it’s critical that a website’s verbal content be rich with key words and phrases that will drive traffic in your direction. Optimization services can help you analyze your web presence and design the best course of action for making sure your site ranks at the top of major search engine lists when a potential customer is on a quest for that perfect gift or conversation piece.