Marketing for DramatistsIf anyone has ever read dramatic literature or watched drama, they have been introduced to what a playwright does. The one who wrote the dramatic literature or drama program is the playwright. A playwright might also be referred to as a dramatist. These dramatic literatures or drama programs, also called plays, operas, musicals or skits, are usually carried out in the company of a live audience. The expression “wright” came from and archaic English expression meaning to be a craftsman or builder.

After a play has been written, the playwright could continue to be involved in this play. He or she might assist in the marketing and the performance of the play. This, of course, depends on the playwright’s training in marketing and performance. They must find a theater to put the play into action. There are times, though, when theaters will seek a playwright and pay him or her commission to write a play for them.

English and drama are the two main topics a playwright studies when earning an education for this line of work. Other areas of study that are either required or beneficial are creative writing, dramaturgy, theater, stagecraft and acting, ethics, proofreading and editing. Generally, a person will take liberal arts courses to achieve their degree or certification to be a playwright. Liberal arts includes topics like history, literature, philosophy, art, music, psychology and social science. The average yearly salary for a playwright is approximately $48,000. A great way to become familiar with what a playwright does is to go to a local theater and volunteer to work backstage. This will give a person a good feeling about what happens in the theater world.

Advertising Playwrights
Playwright marketing is just as vital and complex as figuring out a niche for writing plays. When a play is written, the playwright considers who will watch the play and how it is written. The play has to attract an audience and not turn them off. Marketing has to be the same way. If a play or a marketing scheme does not grab the attention of an audience immediately, both will fail. When it comes to marketing, there are a few people involved in this scene. There are consumers, businesses, businesses to businesses, organizations and partnerships. When a business markets a service or product, they are seeking targeted customers or other businesses with specific interests. The key is to figure out what those interests are and cater to them. This can be done through the Internet, as well as email marketing.

Traditional ways of playwright marketing that are often used are television ads, radio commercials, Yellow Pages advertisements or classified local newspaper ads. Some businesses have also tried direct mail marketing. The Yellow Pages ads consist of many businesses within the same categories, all bunched in together. These ads usually all look the same, but if one looks different, like being larger or written in bold print, it will stand out more and will be noticed. A business has to buy an ad that is pretty big and pay for bold print or larger print is they want to attract a targeted audience. Bigger ads with bold print and larger print can end up costing a playwright a lot of money. Television and radio ads cost a pretty penny, too. A playwright needs to reach people that are looking for him or her, so he or she needs to be marketing musicals and plays in the locations where these people are.

Where do people go to find a playwright? Has marketing changed so much? Marketing remains the same in most ways, as it is vital to any person trying to advertise a product or service and people still search for products and services, but the ways and places that marketing is done nowadays is a lot different. People do not usually pick up the telephone to contact a marketing agency or to find one, nor do people usually pick up the phone to find a product or other service. Most people have moved on to more innovative play advertising techniques that are reaching more people and bringing in more of an audience for them. This place is located on the Internet. A playwright will either be marketing to sell a play he or she has written or the marketing will be targeted toward a theater that will hire him or her to write plays for them. If the yellow page ads, television ads, radio commercials and business cards have returned few results, it might be worth a shot to try some Internet marketing, maybe build a website and set up an e-mail marketing plan. Internet marketing offers many more options than websites and e-mail marketing. A playwright could even sell their play online in .pdf format or Microsoft Word format.