A physician’s assistant, also called a PA, works for a doctor and there are more than, 70,000 PAs practicing in the US alone. In the 1960s, this type of medical work evolved because physicians were in need of assistants due to the number of doctors compared to the number of patients. Physician's Assistant AdvertisingThe physician’s assistant population has continued to grow since then. North Carolina was the state that offered the first US educational program for physician’s assistants. The healthcare professionals that first began this practice had been in the military service and attained skills in the medical field. They wanted to continue serving their country by using these skills.

A physician’s assistant generally performs duties like recording the medical history for each patient, giving physical exams, arranging for lab tests to be done, analyzing and caring for an illness, guiding each patient in treatment or other medical aspects, marketing wellness and aiding during surgical procedures.

Nowadays, there are well over 140 schools in the US alone in which a person can choose from to earn a physician’s assistant degree. This education can take a little over two years to complete. There is one year in which a person will study anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, clinical labs, and promotion for health, clinical medicine and medical ethics. The two years of studying will include clinical rotations, family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, geriatric medicine, gynecology, surgery, orthopedics, psychiatry and radiology. Other topics that will be taught are statistics, English, computer science, nutrition and other types of chemistry classes. A person that wishes to become a physicians assistant can earn an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. As with all medical degrees, there is a final exam that each person will take before they can practice in the physician’s assistant industry, no matter what they have acquired for an education.

Physician’s Assistant Advertising
Marketing a physician’s assistant can be done in a few ways. Doctors need assistants at the office and at the hospital and the demand seems to be growing as each month passes. It makes perfect sense for doctors to use marketing techniques to find a physician’s assistant this way. Where does someone begin the marketing to find a job at a doctor’s office or as a hospital’s PA?

One can look at the methods they have used over the years and see what those results have been. If someone has not use marketing yet and this is all new to them, they are in for a pleasant and exciting new adventure. Today, marketing is right at your fingertips. The type of marketing that is proving to remain more successful than the older methods that were used is on the Internet. A PA can find a great job in this field by using Internet marketing and by building a website. They can also find new patients for their doctor’s practice this way.

Whichever direction a person wants to go in, Internet marketing is there and it offers many ways for a physicians assistant to advertise. PAs could enter some of the social websites and begin social marketing, as well. If a someone does not have much knowledge about computers or marketing, not to worry, there are marketing specialists with years of experience in this area and they are ready to assist in any way that is deemed necessary to help a physician’s assistant to become successful in this career.