Advertising Plan for Physical TherapistsA physical therapist, otherwise known as a PT, helps people that have conditions like arthritis, strokes, cracked or broken bones, sore or injured muscles and other ailments that prevent physical mobility. Many people go to see a physical therapist; people of all ages, even infants. When something happens in a person’s life that causes them to lose the capability to perform normal daily routines because of muscle, joint or bone problems, they will be referred to a physical therapist once they have seen their regular physician. Generally, a physical therapist consults with a family physician or other health care professionals regarding the patient’s course of treatment for improvement.

A physical therapist performs what is called physical therapy, otherwise known as physiotherapy. The parts of the body that are most often treated are the muscles, bones and joints. These injuries may be due to burns, accidents or medical conditions including amputation, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or sports or work injuries. Treatments performed use heat, special lights or massage. A massage might be done manually or by use of a machine that has been designed specifically for this purpose.

There are approximately 186,000 physical therapists in the US alone. Statistics show that these numbers will continue to grow at least by 30% by the time the year 2018 arrives. About 242,000 employed physical therapists are projected by that time.

The educational requirements to become a physical therapist are a master’s degree and/or a doctorate degree. The master’s degree is set up so that it can be finished in two to two and a half years. The doctorate degree is set up so that a person can finish that in three years. Some students finish sooner. In the past, four-year bachelor’s degrees were needed for physical therapists. Now, most schools only offer advanced degrees. Some of the courses of study while obtaining a degree to be a physical therapist are science, neuroscience, bio-mechanics, pharmacology, pathology, radiology and imaging, behavioral science and clinical reasoning classes. While students take these other courses, they must acquire clinical experience, which is supervised by professionals in the physical therapy industry. Other mandatory classes are anatomy, physiology, biology and cellular histology.

As with most medical degrees, there are certain laws and guidelines in each state that a person must abide by in order to be certified as a physical therapist. Most require certain tests to be passed upon completion of all classes before certification is granted. A physical therapist must earn continuing education credits in their field through classes and workshops to keep their certification and work. The average annual income for a physical therapist is $73,000.

Physical Therapist Advertising
When it comes physical therapist marketing, there are two things to consider. Is a person wanting to reach patients or are they wanting to reach employers so that they can become employed? There are many marketing possibilities to choose from. If a person wishes to go out on their own and have a private practice, he or she can use marketing techniques that help boost revenue and be a popular place for patients and physician referrals.

How and where does a physical therapist begin marketing strategies? According to the latest statistics and studies on trends with the physical therapist industry, most people are looking for this kind of medical service online. If they are referred by a physician through a list, they are looking on the Internet to see if they can compare different practices. They may be seeking references regarding the physical therapist. References are a great tool to combine with marketing. The most popular place where marketing occurs nowadays is on the Internet.

Building a professional website is a good place to start marketing a business, or for marketing oneself as a physical therapist seeking employment within this field. There are so many ways to use marketing when it comes to the Internet, it can seem very overwhelming at first and it is hard to decide where to begin. Companies specializing in Internet marketing are available and ready to assist with anything a business needs. Most marketing companies offer web development and search engine positioning tools.

Marketing strategies in these modern times are more successful ever. Take newspaper ads, for instance. Some businesses have paid hundreds of dollars per month for these ads and reached few with this marketing strategy. On the Internet, ads results are usually more successful than local newspaper ads when done right. The prices for these ads can cost a lot less.