Advertising for PhlebotomyPhlebotomy is a medical term used to describe a person that draws blood from a patient or puts blood into a patient’s body via the veins. Patients need a phlebotomist when their doctor orders a blood test for medical conditions or to check cholesterol or glucose levels. People need a phlebotomist to give them blood transfusions when they are in surgery, have been in an accidents and lost blood or when a person has Lupus. Blood is usually drawn by a phlebotomist or a nurse who has certification in phlebotomy. The area of the skin in which the needle will be inserted will be cleaned with an antiseptic and then an elastic band, otherwise known as a tourniquet, will be placed around the arm and then the blood is drawn.

Phlebotomy students study anatomy, physiology, micro sampling, processing of specimen, safety and health regulations, ethics, business law and psychology, among others. Other phlebotomist’s school subjects are lymphatic, respiratory, phlebotomy, urinary, muscular and skeletal knowledge and circulatory knowledge. Blood specialst professionals will have plenty of hands-on training in this field while they are in school and during their internship. Most colleges and universities have a lab right on campus now for every medical course offered there.

This certification can be obtained at a vocational college or at a community college nowadays. Some hospitals even offer medical classes and work at the same time for teens and young adults who are interested in becoming nurses or lab technicians.

There is a high demand for individuals to work in the phlebotomy medical field and these numbers continue to grow. There are always jobs available in the medical aspect of the business world. Phlebotomy offers a competitive income for people who enjoy blood work and lab technician specialties. A person who works in the phlebotomy field makes, on average, approximately $35,000 per year.

Advertising Nurses
How about if these marketing methods could help a person who needs to work in the phlebotomy field find a job faster, or these methods could help a doctor’s office or hospital advertise that they need a qualified person who can do phlebotomy faster? It could also be used for a lab work business. Certainly, Yellow Page ads were a good idea when they first came out, just the same as most other traditional methods of marketing These days, there are even more innovative ways of phlebotomist marketing out there, such as the Internet. They work a lot better than the ones formerly used, plus they cost less. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are always looking for someone to perform phlebotomy tasks, and patients are always looking for people to perform lab work and blood tests.