Marketing DrugstoreWhen people get a prescription from their doctor for medicine or a medical device, they go to a pharmacy to fill their prescription. A pharmacy also has non-prescription medicines and creams or lotions available to consumers. Consumers need medications for many reasons. A pharmacy generally has over-the-counter and prescription medications readily available. The pharmacy is also referred to as a drugstore or a retail pharmacy.

Pharmacists or a pharmacist assistant can advise consumers on which items to buy for specific medical conditions or healthcare needs. A pharmacist is in charge of the pharmacy and has to make sure that each patient receives the proper medicine, the proper dosage and instructions to take the medicine. A pharmacy has other information available to consumers, as well, regarding prescription and non-prescription medicines, advice about quitting smoking cigarettes and other medically-related things. Someone who works in a pharmacy has to have good knowledge about medical science and chemical science. A pharmacist also has knowledge about nutrition, exercise and managing stress. They are sometimes called a pharmacy technician or druggist.

There are a few different types of pharmacies; clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, compounding, consultant, community, military and veterinary pharmacy. The most common form of a pharmacy is the community pharmacy, and it is usually connected to several other pharmacies that are owned by the same business person. Pharmacies have to follow strict rules and laws governed by the state and federal government and a pharmacist always has to stay up-to-date on medication recalls or other changes that affect medications. In the US alone, there are well over 240,000 pharmacists working.

In order to be certified as a pharmacist, a person has to obtain a degree in the Doctor of Pharmacy, which requires four years of schooling. Students study biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, social sciences and math while they attend college, an accredited college. In most locations, there are usually two exams a person must take and pass to complete the certification to work in a pharmacy. The average annual income a pharmacist can earn is approximately $94,000.

Drugstore Advertising
When it comes to marketing for a pharmacy, beginners generally make a few mistakes when they first start to market and this is okay if they do. The only way to learn how to do things better is by practicing how to do it. Pharmacy marketing can be quite tricky, as this area has a lot of competition involved in it. The one thing that needs to remain vital with marketing for a pharmacy is that people are looking for a place where they know the medicine is safe and the pharmacist is competent. These are the first two things people want to know about the place where they will buy medicine. If a person is marketing so that he or she can find a job in the pharmaceutical field, they need to state right away that they are competent and certified to work in a pharmacy.

Most pharmacists use marketing methods, like making their own little catalogs or flyers, and they mail these out to the general public through direct mail marketing. A pharmacist will generally advertise his or her services and offer discounts to new customers. Pharmacy chains and individual drugstores advertise on television and in the newspaper as well.

There is a wide variety of marketing strategies available now on the Internet. Businesses have started advertising online through search engine marketing and building websites online. They are reaching more people and their businesses are booming. A drugstore can set up a virtual website and allow consumers to take a virtual tour of the entire store and some even allow prescription refills to be initiated and tracked through their websites. Pharmacists can add photos to the web site so that consumers can see what they look like and meet them before they even go to the pharmacy.

Consumers want things to be easy and efficient and so do businesses. It makes sense that if consumers are spending most of their time online, this is where the pharmacy needs to be. Whether it is a matter of being found easily on search engines or having a blog to give out health tips and advice, drugstores need to do online advertising to keep up with their competitors.