A personal trainer, or fitness trainer, is helps people remain healthy by using exercise regimens in their daily activities. Personal trainers teach people how to eat healthier and exercise in a way that helps them prevent injury while it improves and maintains their health. Personal Trainer AdvertisingA fitness trainer should have a flexible schedule, good knowledge about a healthy diet, remain positive, facilitate exercise programs like aerobics and have knowledge about training with and without weights. Fitness trainers may teach bodybuilding and help athletes train to run marathons or participate in other athletic activities and competitions.

Just a few short years ago there were approximately 100,000 personal trainers and aerobic exercise teachers in the US alone. Statistics show that this doubles nearly every year, so this means this industry is a very competitive market to work in. These numbers do not mean that it is difficult to find work in this field, but that there are more trainers in this area due to demand for them from the general public. People continue to care about health and are always seeking new ways to maintain and improve their health and fitness. No matter what happens in the world or with the economy, people still seek out personal trainers to show them how to get healthy or to stay healthy.

A personal trainer can direct their career goal in a few different directions. They can elect to become an athletic trainer, coach, aquatic specialist, performance nutritionist, older population specialist, sports or endurance conditioning expert or a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Also, a person can choose to work in rehabilitation establishments as a rehabilitation specialist. Some personal trainers also work in fields like osteopathic medicine, nutrition, chiropractic medicine, physical and occupational therapy and acupuncture or naturopathic medicine. Some establishments where a person can work in this industry are hospitals, clinics, spas, fitness centers, gyms, resorts or other clubs and even on cruise ships. Cruise ships are famous for having a personal trainer or two aboard and people will hire them to train them while they are onboard.

It is very important for personal trainers to receive accredited certification. Clients want a certified professional fitness trainer to show them how to get healthy and how to eat a healthy diet. There have been more than enough cases of malpractice suits, so it makes good sense to be certified and not try to pass oneself off as certified.

Marketing Personal Training
Traditionally, personal trainers worked at health and fitness centers, where marketing was geared toward display ads in the local newspaper and telephone book. Coupon books were also a popular personal trainer marketing method, as well as posting signs in the business’ window for specials and sales.

Internet marketing for personal trainers and e-mail marketing have grown in popularity while still using these other methods over the past few years. Because this method is faster and inexpensive, it not only has a personal trainer checking it out, it has millions of consumers checking it out. In a matter of an hour or so, a personal trainer can have a live web site and be well on their way to marketing their business, on the Internet.

If a personal trainer needs customers, online marketing is one method to try. This works for permanent clients as well as people visiting that need to work out or stay on track. Tourists visit other areas during specific times of the year and some of them are in an exercise training program and might need a personal trainer while they visit another location. If a personal trainer is not marketing their business where potential customers are looking, chances are they will not be found very easily.