A personal chef works for specific clients and arranges meals, which are generally sealed into containers and placed into the refrigerator or freezer. These meals are arranged in the home and kitchen of the client who hires the personal chef. Marketing Personal ChefOn occasion, a home chef will work as a cook for a dinner party or other event that requires food to be served. The chef, in this case, will plan the entire meal, go out and buy the food and then arrange it. A chef that is hired to prepare meals ahead of time will sometimes cook them in their own kitchen and then deliver the packaged food to the client.

Every personal chef has knowledge about nutrition and arranges meals according to client’s personal requests and according to health and nutrition rules. Depending on state and local laws, wherever a chef works, the home or the kitchen in which he or she will prepare food may be inspected by the Health Department and the home and/or the kitchen must pass the inspection.

A personal chef usually begins this career by working in the restaurant, hotel and/or catering fields first. Some of these chefs do hold a regular job and perform freelance chef work as an additional job. Most times, a cook in this line of work will have some training through an association that is set up to offer courses in the personal chef field. There are many courses at local universities and community colleges that offer cooking and training experiences, as well.

There is no education or certification requirement in order for a person to become a personal chef, but culinary and nutrition classes are recommended. If a chef is going to have their own business, it is recommended to learn some basic management, accounting and marketing skills. Having great communication skills is a plus for being a personal meal chef, as well. A personal chef can make approximately $200 to $400 per day, but this depends on the location and clients.

Private Chef Advertising
Marketing a personal chef is now geared toward the Internet. Traditional marketing for chefs has been placed on the back seat, as these methods seem to have lost some attraction. Word of mouth, newspaper advertising and posting flyers on bulletin boards at local establishments used to be the way to advertise personal culinary services on their own are no longer effective. Internet marketing for personal chefs offers a faster paced environment. When the personal chef service can be found online through search engines, it is a successful way to advertise. Imagine a personal chef website with the ability to communicate with clients via electronic messages and video with audio communications, all from one website. Imagine adding as many food photos, recipes and blog posts, to one website and to be able to reach many more clients in real time.