The pediatrician industry is one that is very important for health and safety of children. This doctor treats infant through the age of 17, although they primarily see little children and babies. In some countries, people that are 18 to 21 years of age might see a pediatrician. Advertising in the Pediatrician IndustryBack in the olden days, there was usually one doctor that treated children and adults and he or she would treat people that lived locally or lived far away. There were very few doctors back then. Times have changed tremendously.

Pediatricians treat children with colds and flu, chicken pox, injuries, viruses, measles, mumps and many varieties of illness. They also do preventative medicine, such as immunizations and booster shots, monitor height and weight, take blood tests and oversee children’s overall health care.

In the US, there are over 57,698 pediatricians practicing medicine. These numbers are regarding pediatricians that do not specialize in other areas of this field. There are approximately 23,000 more pediatricians that have extra education in specialty medicine. There are more than 74 million children in the US.

A pediatrician can earn up to $130,000 per year. Ultimately, there are some doctors that make more than this, depending on their specialty. The income also depends on whether a pediatric specialist has his or her own practice or if he or she works for another practice or for a hospital.

It takes about 11 years of schooling to become a pediatrician. The 11 years counts training and internship. A pediatric specialist must attend pre-med school, which is earning a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college, then taking an exam to be able to attend the next four years of medical school. The residency program will be three years. The exam is called the MCAT, also known as the Medical College Admission Test. Statistics show that there are only about 50% of people that take this exam that will pass it and be allowed to med school. A doctor specializing in pediatrics will earn a doctorate degree; an M.D. or a D.O. He or she will then need to obtain an additional medical license to be able to work in this industry. Many of these physicians further their education and specialize in other areas of medicine.

Advertising Pediatrics
Although there doesn’t seem to be a lot of competition in this field, as the statistics show that there is a huge demand for more pediatricians, this does not mean that one should not continue with marketing efforts. Marketing for the pediatrician industry is even more important since there is a call for more children’s doctors.

The numbers show that there are far more children than there are pediatricians, so pediatrician marketing needs to take the top shelf in this industry. There are a few doctors that still use business cards and run newspaper ads and these methods work, if people are in the areas in which these marketing techniques are being distributed. If people are not seeing the ads or business cards, this method of pediatrics advertising will fail and will end up costing a pediatrician more money and time than it is worth. It can take some time to go around and leave business cards everywhere, not to mention the expense of driving around, but if children’s doctors expand their marketing to the Internet, they will have more success.

Marketing on the Internet is an inexpensive and effective method that is used by pediatricians nowadays. The Internet is also where most people are today. Times have changed and they have changed with quickness. If a business in the pediatrician industry wants to reach as many parents of young children and potential patients as possible in these times, they need to try the modern marketing techniques in order to remain successful. The key part of marketing an online office, though, is to catch the visitor’s attention just as soon as they land on the web site’s home page.

If the site is not professional looking and if it does not offer attractive and vital information on the first page, people will leave there and look elsewhere, just the same as it used to be when people read newspaper ads. If someone had an ad in the newspaper and they did not offer enough information, people would quickly move to another ad that had the information they were looking for. Nowadays, people do not look at a newspaper as often as they used to, as their first preference is the Internet, but how people search is basically the same as it used to be.

Marketing on the Internet might seem tricky, but it truly is not, especially if a person knows what they need and want to do and if they have professionals to handle it for them. The benefits of online marketing are plentiful. Besides the fact that is costs less to use, it saves time and this method allows a pediatrician to reach many more people.