A park ranger is a person who is in charge of the preservation and protection of national, state and local parks. Another important part of this work can involve making sure that all recreational activities remain safe for all people. Sometimes a park ranger is simply called a ranger. Park Ranger AdvertisingA park ranger can work as a dispatcher, in law enforcement, as an interpreter, an educator, as an emergency responder, as a firefighter, a park guard, a naturalist or an administrator.

Park rangers usually drive vehicles with logos on the doors, displaying their jurisdiction and title. Nowadays, the vehicles are equipped with recording devices, sirens, lights, radios and car phones. Also common are GPS systems, maps, clipboards, bulletproof vests, tools, firearms and safety and emergency gear. A park ranger can expect to work outside most of the time and also operate motorbikes, ATVs, boats and snowmobiles.

When a park ranger first begins this career, they make approximately $14 per hour. A ranger can choose to go to a different position in the wildlife preservation business and earn more money. There are several possibilities for a person to select from in this line of work. In most states, a park ranger must get a degree in recreation and take a complete police academy course and become a police officer. After these two requirements are completed, there is a field training regimen at the chosen park under supervision. Other recommended skills include accounting, maintenance and computers.

Statistics show that there are billions of dollars worth of wildlife and parks that are protected in the US alone. With a ranger’s protection the parks and wildlife refuges would not survive.

Ranger Marketing
Park ranger advertising plans should include fund-raisers or awareness programs so that the preservation and protection of parks can continue. Methods that have been used for several years have been advertising in magazines and advertising on television. Brochures have often been available at tourism and visitor information centers, hotels and campgrounds. These methods were used for several years, along with the promotional marketing techniques, like pens and calendars that had business logos and phone numbers on them.

ost businesses, job seekers and consumers have moved to a faster paced world, which is the Internet. If a park ranger wants to have a cutting edge on marketing, it is wise to consider using some modern forms of marketing, like websites and Internet or e-mail campaigning. The Internet is where most of the world is heading to for most of their information wants and needs.