Optometrist AdvertisingAn optometrist performs eye exams and other tests for people with vision problems that need corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. They also perform eye tests to determine if there is an eye disease. Optometrists refer patients to ophthalmologists or other doctors for further treatment. Optometrists write prescriptions for eyeglasses or other corrective eye treatments, lenses and medical equipment. They also offer educational tips regarding eye care.

In the optometrist industry, there are doctors that have their own private practices, some that have an office in a department store and some that work in hospitals and some doctors will work in companies that manufacture eye care products or other products such as safety glasses that might be used in certain businesses and employment places.

The educational requirements to become an optometrist are two years of college classes, obtaining a bachelor’s degree and then a doctor’s of optometry. The total amount of years it could take to become an optometrist is between seven and eight years, including training and internship time. There are some prerequisites to the college education. Students must be up-to-date and well-versed in the areas of math, biology, chemistry, physics and English.

The average optometrist’s salary each year is between $50,000 and at least $100,000. The income earned depends on specialization and experience. It has been found out, too, that the income changes when it comes to geographical locations of practicing in this field.

Marketing for Optometrists
For strategic optometry marketing, it can be quite tricky. There must be an eye-catching attraction in the marketing plan. A unique, creative approach is necessary. Most people have seen all the older ads and brochures, with the pictures of people smiling as they wear their new eyeglasses, or the ones that show the eye exam chart on them. The freshest and brightest techniques attracting customers today are the newest Internet ads. Most people began using computers simply to communicate with family and friends, but since technology has improved and changed so much, they can do more than e-mailing on the Internet. An optometrist business should move their marketing schemes to the Internet to increase business.

Certainly, a business in the eye care profession can place bright and cheerful images onto their website that shows people smiling as they wear their new eye-wear. Place an eye chart onto the website, as well. Those are great techniques to use in marketing. It doesn’t hurt to choose the nicest looking glasses when the images are taken, though, and adding a variety of styles for eyeglasses is a great idea, too.

Optometrist marketing needs to be all about the customers first, and then the optician can add information on eye care and eyeglasses. Most people are looking for the best prices, the best styles and the easiest ways to obtain these products. Marketing should be at the top of the list for priorities in the optometrist industry.