An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor. Ophthalmologists perform medical procedures and examinations on the eyes and also help patients with eye injuries, diseases or disorders and preventions of eye diseases. Eye doctors usually practice in private offices and may consult at hospitals. Some eye doctors have been known to work in other fields of eye medicine, like research or management. Ophthalmologists treat patients for eye infections, corneal scratches, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism; write prescriptions for glasses, bifocals, contacts, eye patches and ocular prosthetics. Eye doctors treat people for vision problems and help them see better.

The time span for education in ophthalmology is approximately 12 years, including the internship and training required after the schooling is completed. If an eye doctor wishes to go further with education, he or she can join what is called a fellowship curriculum for one year or two years. There is also a mandatory state exam which has two parts to it. Each doctor must pass this exam in order to be board-certified. The median salary for an eye doctor is almost $200,000 per year.

The ophthalmologist industry is a critical one. When something affects the eyes, a person’s mental state will more than likely be affected as well. People of all ages visit an eye doctor at some point during life. General statistics show that an average of more than 20 million people between the ages of 40 and 80 years old will contract cataracts. In just one year, patients will pay at least $6 billion to have cataracts treated by an ophthalmologist.

Marketing Opthalmology
Advertising for ophthalmologists is a crucial part of this medical field, especially when the location is competitive. The ophthalmologist does not only have to use marketing to advertise the eye care industry, he or she can use marketing to show people where they can find eyeglasses or contact lenses and eye care.

Formerly, eye doctors would advertise by word of mouth, through the newspaper or in the Yellow Pages. Most people are now using the Internet for their news and information gathering. If an ophthalmologic specialist wants their marketing to be more successful and they want to reach more patients, or sell their eyeglasses or other products, they might want to consider Internet marketing.

If an eye doctor hires a professional marketing company to do the advertising and website design for them, they will still save money, as the Internet is a more effective way to get the word out. Other means of opthalmology advertising, like newspaper ads or business brochures are not as effective for ophthalmologists.